Damon Stapleton

A room with a view in Cannes

Damon went to New Zealand to work with his old partner Shane Bradnick and make some secret creative sauce. Before that he was ECD at Saatchi and Saatchi Australia, before that, Group ECD of TBWA Hunt Lascaris and Global ECD of Standard Bank. He's the only ECD in Africa to win a D&AD Black Pencil and the annual Directory Big Won Rankings lists him as one of the most successful ECDs of 2016, based on international award wins...

[Cannes Lions] What is a Cannes Lion worth?
CANNES, FRANCE: We are coming to the end of another Cannes. The big parties with small pieces of food. The champagne being consumed by ridiculously good-looking people. The sharks that are smiling at you but looking over your shoulder to see who is more important. And, of course, egos and insecurities that could destroy even the bravest fashion victim. These things are all true; however, there is another side.

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[Cannes Lions] Nobody knows what’s going to happen next
CANNES, FRANCE: It's strange talking to the judges here. There really is a sense that nobody knows what's going to happen next. Advertising has become so all-encompassing, it’s really become hard to define. From a South African perspective, I believe we have about 12 months to take some quantum leaps.

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[Cannes Lions] Advertising's at a crossroads
CANNES, FRANCE: As I finish judging 4000 entries at 2010 Cannes Lions, I really do feel advertising is at a crossroad. I have never seen at awards show where you can definitely see the past, present and future all at the same time.

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