Cannes Lions judges 2011

Behind the scenes with South African judges at Cannes Lions 2011

This is the communal blog of Brad Reilly, Chris Botha, James Cloete, Janet Kinghorn, Karin Barry-McCormack, Theo Ferreira and Xolisa Dyeshana, most of the South African creatives judging the 58th Annual Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in Cannes, France, in June 2011.
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[Cannes Lions judges] My Film Lions experience
Brad Reilly: I wrote this as I sat on a train reflecting on the week I’d left behind, flanked by the splendorous azure of the Riviera to my left and the rundown graffiti clad residential blocks to my right. Bisecting these stark contradictions seemed a fitting ending to a week concentrated on doing just that, separating the good from the bad, with the difference not always as clear as one would assume, particularly when based on 21 opinions. [video]

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[Cannes Lions judges] My Cannes Direct experience
Xolisa Dyeshana: Where do I start? My Cannes experience was as much of an eye-opener as it was spectacular and inspiring. Being on the Direct Lions jury was a privilege I will not be forgetting anytime soon.

[24 Jun 2011 13:32]

[Cannes Lions judges] Where to start - the entries, the work, or the place?
Janet Kinghorn: Cannes itself has not changed since I was here last in 1999. Men and women still wander up and down Le Croisette in white linen suits and fancy dresses. But the difference this time is that design is really starting to become a big player here.

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[Cannes Lions judges] Cannes through the eyes of a Media Lions judge
Chris Botha: My Cannes experience so far can be broken up into two categories – life and work. Life being these beautiful experiences that we are lucky enough to experience, and work being, well, the work. The real reason we’re actually here.

[22 Jun 2011 13:53]

[Cannes Lions judges] Getting excited
Here are some video blogs (vlogs) from four of the South African creatives judging Cannes Lions this year, ahead of their trip to Cannes, Frances, for the 58th Annual Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

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