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[WWDC] Day two – a far more serious affair

09 Jun 2010 10:05:00

SAN FRANCISCO: Day two, Tuesday, 8 June 2010, was a far more serious affair at WWDC, with the 5200 developers buckling down to soaking up as much time as they can with the some 1000 Apple engineers on site here at Moscone West.

The journey from one city by the Bay on the east coast of Africa to another city by the Bay on the west coast of America has seen me more than traverse the globe via the North Pole. These last two days has seen our world traverse a moment in time...

The Great Awakening

In the cycles of human expression, this period we are going into may well become known as the Great Awakening.

I am now more than dead certain that if Steve Jobs is not an Iain M Banks fan, then Jony most certainly is... after all, he's a home boy. But they are beginning to talk about their iPhones as if they were one of those amazing personal assistants straight out of one of Iain's Culture novels. (I recommend The Player of Games as good yarn [so do I - managing ed]).

Some of those assistants were intelligence operatives but that's literally a really good story :-)

The kind of technologies that Apple is building into its devices, and the relentless refinement of the form factor and manufacturing process are going to turn these devices into powerful, permanent companions... a magic wand of technology brimming with sensors and software to work, play, express and share.

I now know what happened to the aliens from Roswell. Steve kidnapped them and has them stuck in a basement at 1 Infinite Loop :-)

Be afraid, very afraid

While the developers get down to work, the suits have all gone home to figure out what the hell to do. Previously I suggested that Camera manufacturer executives at Nikon, Sony, Samsung et al should be afraid, very afraid. Let's add a few more to that list.

Nintendo won the battles, but it is going to lose the war, as is Sony and Microsoft. Their sleek hardware, expensive to program for, and difficult and time-consuming to deliver immersive experiences for, are squarely at threat. If Apple is squeezing out performance such as the iPad from the A4 chip running at 1Ghz on a single core, I shudder to think what it could do with no battery restrictions... say in its HD television with iOS integrated.

iOS 4 will have Game Center - a social networking tool for gamers that comes complete with leader boards, achievements and game invites. You know all those games people like to play on Facebook... like Farmville? Now they're on the phone directly and everywhere you are.

And for print owners, stop debating or wondering...

The iPhone's retina display is jaw-droppingly good and you know it's coming in an iPad soon [why you should always hang in for second generation - managing ed]. Start preparing now because your readers are going to want it.

Almost a dead certainty

Skype executives must be very worried. As is almost a dead certainty, a huge proportion of the 100 million users of Apple's iOS devices will switch to FaceTime to make person-to-person video calling over IP.

Now I know none of these guys are going to go out of business (just yet) because of Apple, but their problems have just got a whole lot bigger...

Massive bets have been laid on technologies and platform choices (like AMOLED) and it is beginning to look like Steve has an unbeatable hand.

I think we are going to see some strange new bedfellows in the months to come :-)


[9 Jun 2010 10:05]

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