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[WWDC] The new Apple

07 Jun 2010 13:21:00

SAN FRANCISCO: Apple will once again be the centre of the tech universe this week and the buzz amongst the registering developers at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference here in San Francisco yesterday morning, Sunday 6 June 2010, was incredibly intense. There is a definite feeling in the air that this conference, against the backdrop of the trash-talking from Adobe and Google and others, provides an unusually talkative Steve Jobs an opportunity to put Apple's response front and centre.

And I think Steve's response is going to be product, product, product!

Apple seems ready to do a big reveal and all the clues are beginning to pop up.

The absolute focus at this year's event seems to be iPhone OS and I think we are going to find a whole lot of tools announced that will ease content deployment onto the iPad in particular.

Generally when Steve Jobs starts offering advice, it's because he already has the answer.

Exactly what Apple is about to do

So when he suggested that Adobe invested its time in making an HTML5 development toolkit, it's probably because that's exactly what Apple is about to do. It has ported over all its Foundation frameworks to Javascript and a new version of Xcode is very likely to support development in HTML5. Remember Dashcode? A widget-building tool that allowed anyone to code some really nice widgets? It was probably a sandpit for this effort.

This means that Apple will be putting some sorely needed tools in the hands of the clamouring HTML and Javascript coders who want to tackle the platform.

Apple is opening up huge markets with the iPad and it knows that the tools to deploy content are lacking. It will not leave it to Adobe, Microsoft or others.

And then there is the much misunderstood iPhone OS 4.0 update and the hardware specs of the new iPhone 4G.

People say that the specs are nothing different, but what we have learnt about Apple is that you can quantify the impact of the product from hardware specs alone. It is the fusion of the whole package - the software, the hardware, the philosophy - which all adds up to magical devices such as the iPad, whose specs would lead you to believe it is an anaemic computing device running a single core at 1GHz.

And then you pick up one and it's... well, magical, and to all intents and purposes, more responsive than a real PC.

Era of video calling

So I think that the era of video calling is here tomorrow, for example, and when it's done the Apple way, without the telcos getting involved, you know it is just going to work! There's a reason AT&T is feverishly building a network and it's not because the iPhone is swamping it already.

It's because it's about to be even more swamped but Steve seemed remarkably relaxed last week at D8, when he just smiled and said it's getting better.

Tonight [South African time] at the keynote, I expect to get some really jaw dropping ecosystem updates from Steve Jobs, a whole slew of tools to create exciting new apps, both native and HTML5 browser based, and iAD to deliver creative advertising. Privacy and the protection of your data, the freedom to absolutely block age inappropriate material and to manage your media are also themes I expect to feature heavily.

Whatever happens, the debate starts right after Steve walks off stage.


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[7 Jun 2010 13:21]

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