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Anice Hassim is the CEO, Founder and majority shareholder of the immedia ecosystem. He is a speaker and educator around digital trends, strategy and marketing, and helps brands better understand and negotiate the digital space. Contact Anice on tel +27 (0)31 566 8000, email him at and follow him on Twitter at @anicehassim.
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Apple’s brand “problems”
So the hysteria this week was Apple announcing that the Fab Four were coming to iTunes. The hype before was awesome as per usual... immediate speculation flowed into the ether and we each saw what we wanted to see. (I wanted Apple to reveal just what that Area 51 in North Carolina is all about). And, when it turned out to be nothing more than an audition from four Liverpool lads who hit the charts 50 years ago, it was clear that there was a generational divide in the reaction.

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Why the iPad will save the African bologna*
That little revolution in a unibody shell, the iPad, is about to save African blogging*.

Comments [10] [25 Oct 2010 13:11]

Why Africa should prepare for smart phones... and Apple rising!
Somewhere between being different and expensive, Apple has become cool AND cheap. This is the start of a virtuous cycle as it enters the developing world with its iOS devices. Reading and watching coverage of the Apple iPad and iPhone 4 launch in China last month, I couldn't help being struck by what a difference a year made.

[11 Oct 2010 12:19]

How FaceTime changes everything
Last month Apple updated its line of iPods with the “iPhone without the telco” version of the iPod Touch, complete with Retina Display and more interestingly, FaceTime. Having spent almost six months on a Wi-Fi only iPad, I was anticipating that the FaceTime feature would be more useful than most were expecting.

[05 Oct 2010 12:04]

The iPod’s second coming
It's the start of a busy gadget season that usually kicks off with a frisson of excitement with a certain ‘fruit’ company's music product refreshes. Last week, Apple sent out invitations that simply have a guitar with an Apple logo replacing the soundhole on it, inviting the media to a Stevenote this Wednesday, 1 September 2010.

Comments [2] [30 Aug 2010 12:46]

More musings on the iPhone 4
What would happen if arm manufacturers really did turn their swords to ploughshares? I think we might get a company like Apple.

Comments [2] [25 Jun 2010 12:54]

[WWDC] Day two – a far more serious affair
SAN FRANCISCO: Day two, Tuesday, 8 June 2010, was a far more serious affair at WWDC, with the 5200 developers buckling down to soaking up as much time as they can with the some 1000 Apple engineers on site here at Moscone West.

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[WWDC] Keynote thoughts from an African perspective
SAN FRANCISCO: The mythical iPhone killer arrived today, but it was from Apple. A confident, proud and often passionate Steve Jobs strolled about the stage at Moscone West on Monday morning, 7 June 2010, unveiling the new iPhone, iOS 4.0 and ushering in the era of Facetime, person-to-person video calling.

Comments [4] [08 Jun 2010 10:27]

[WWDC] The new Apple
SAN FRANCISCO: Apple will once again be the centre of the tech universe this week and the buzz amongst the registering developers at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference here in San Francisco yesterday morning, Sunday 6 June 2010, was incredibly intense. There is a definite feeling in the air that this conference, against the backdrop of the trash-talking from Adobe and Google and others, provides an unusually talkative Steve Jobs an opportunity to put Apple's response front and centre.

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