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Timmerity with Andrew Timm

TV, comedy and coping with life and trying to work in broadcast TV in 2010 as a white male.

Andrew Timm's dad wanted him to be an accountant. His mom wanted him to be happy. Mom won. So Andrew started out in the corporate video and today spends half his time producing corporate videos and live corporate shows, and the other half doing broadcast television (magazine shows, dramas, and now The Coconuts sitcom for M-Net). Contact Andrew at and find out more about his company at www.attv.co.za.

Why international TV drama is better
Anyone who has spent more than five minutes in South Africa knows that this country has great stories to tell. And I’m not talking about rehashed apartheid guilt stuff. Just open a newspaper on any given day, listen to a conversation in a taxi, or to the callers on 702, and unlike New Zealand or Canada, where a flat tyre on a country road makes headline news, you will realise that we seem able to generate endless tales of human drama and intrigue.

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I’m still attracting them...
In my last blog post I told the true tales of some of the weird people I have worked with. Well, there’s more. I still seem to be attracting them.

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Why do I attract these people?
Do you attract the bewildered, the eccentric, the psychotic, the mentally ill and the socially challenged? Well, if you don’t, open a production company, install one-way glass and then just sit and wait.

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Are reality shows safe for the mentally fragile?
No, I don’t mean the viewers! The contestants! Like poor old Susan Boyle who rose to fame in the UK thanks to Simon Cowell’s “Britain’s Got Talent” talent show; then conquered world fame thanks to YouTube; and then hit the ground unibrow-first when she came only second and had to accept that she wasn’t what all the media hype led her to believe! Did no-one see this coming?

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Toilet humour
Okay, toilet humour is probably the lowest form of humour, besides sarcasm, puns, and possibly SABC 3’s “Font”. But this is a true story loosely linking a toilet “situation” and television and me, so dammit, I’m going to tell it!

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Why South African comedy is unfunny – some pointers
I have a passion for television comedy, that little 30-minute holiday you get from your stressful day when you sit down, watch a favourite sitcom and escape into your happy place once or twice a week. But what is it that makes my toes curl with cringing embarrassment at the local fare being offered up as situation comedy?

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Shoots and travel
Some people love to travel to do shoots in far off and exotic locations. So do I, but I have some ground rules, and you'll nod in agreement if, like me, you're one of those people whose idea of ‘roughing it' is single-ply loo paper.

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In the headlights
She stood there trembling; her eyes wide and paralysed like a terror-stricken rabbit in the headlights of an oncoming 18-wheeler. As she opened her quivering lips I thought she was going to scream or perhaps projectile vomit.

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The circle of life… and TV
I recently turned 40. Being a milestone birthday I felt I had to re-examine my life, and my achievements (or lack thereof) in the grand scheme of things. Well, that didn’t take long – I decided that my greatest achievement was still having actual human hair on my head, and that my biggest disappointment was increasing my waistline by three sizes since I was 30 (I still hang onto eight pairs of size 32/81 trousers, convinced that I will one day wear them again.)

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