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This is the communal blog of 140 BBDO's Mike Pearson and Ross Nieuwenhuizen, who are off to Cannes Lions after winning one in 2011 for their Snickers "Would You Rather" radio campaign - which also featured at Loeries and D&AD. Throughout this smorgasbord of creativity, Mike and Ross will be updating everyone on what's being said, done and awarded, so follow them on Twitter at @140BBDO and on Facebook.
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[Cannes Lions 2012] 140 BBDO’s predictions for South Africa in 2012

06 Jun 2012 17:54:00
[Cannes Lions 2012] 140 BBDO’s predictions for South Africa in 2012Michael Pearson: A disclaimer before I begin - these predictions for 2012 South African Cannes Lions winners are based on our opinions, combined with the results of the various award shows that happen earlier in the year than Cannes. We have kept the categories a bit broader, as the myriad of categories one can enter is enough to make the head (and wallet) spin. [video]

So, without further ado, our predictions for Cannes 2012:


Not traditionally a strong category for South Africa, but there are a few good pieces in this year.


A category dominated by South Africa in recent years, there does not appear to be quite the same level of quality, but still one contender:


An interesting category, where some really nice work often comes through:
  • Carling Black Label – Be the Coach

    A good idea, executed on a simply massive scale. You simply cannot argue with the level of involvement and response it got. The fact that the coaches hated it was a great sign!

    This will probably do well in several categories.

  • Wimpy – Braille Burger

    A sweet idea that has done well internationally.


Sometimes campaigns feature a bunch of good work and it’s difficult to say where they will feature – there’s a few like that this year:


Tough, very tough to win. There's a lot of good work out there, but let's hold thumbs.


I am sure SA will pick up something in print - we tend to - but unfortunately it also tends to be somewhat “proactive” - so we probably haven’t seen it yet.

[6 Jun 2012 17:54]

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