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This is the communal blog of 140 BBDO's Mike Pearson and Ross Nieuwenhuizen, who are off to Cannes Lions after winning one in 2011 for their Snickers "Would You Rather" radio campaign - which also featured at Loeries and D&AD. Throughout this smorgasbord of creativity, Mike and Ross will be updating everyone on what's being said, done and awarded, so follow them on Twitter at @140BBDO and on Facebook.
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[Cannes Lions 2012] The Annual BBDO Creative Directors’ Conference

20 Jun 2012 12:07:00
Michael Pearson: The independent vs. global network debate never ceases, and probably never will, but I can tell you: on days like today, it’s gooood to be big. Yesterday was the annual BBDO creative directors’ conference, held at the rather delightful Martinez Hotel, where we were treated to insights, workshops and lectures from some of the world’s foremost advertising minds.

First up, we had a lecture from creative coach Tom Monahan – giving insights on new and more diversified brainstorming methods. His philosophy helps to generate numbers, and through this, push into new and more creative territory.

Next up was Dave Trott, a former ad man turned author and speaker. His passion and insights into the way we approach work, people and advertising in general was tremendous, not to mention the fact that he sounds like he stepped out of a Guy Ritchie movie – the East London (the original East London) native has a wonderful turn of phrase.

His perspective is that there is no such thing as a problem, you merely need to ‘swim upstream’ and reframe it into an opportunity. An example he used was the president of Turkey, who wanted to make the country more progressive and stop women from wearing burkhas. However, he knew he could not simply outlaw it – as that would make martyrs out of them. So, instead he made it compulsory for prostitutes to wear burkhas. Yup, see what he did there.

Finally, my personal favourite of the day, was Alan Zweibel. Part of the original writing team of Saturday Night Live, he was one of the most charming, humorous speakers I have ever heard. His speech was about his writing process and methodology, but told through his life story, not merely a bland lecture. Check out a video of this legend:

We then had a visit from Andrew Robertson, CEO of BBDO Worldwide, and John Wren, CEO of Omnicom. They filled us in on all the latest happenings internationally, and gave us a heads up on all the dodgy dealings of some networks trying to knock BBDO off the top of the rankings. Rather upsetting really, just do the work guys.

But, onwards and upwards, Cannes really is rather brilliant.

[20 Jun 2012 12:07]

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Elaine Turner
Elaine Turner
I have listened Alan Zweibel before also, and was really inspired by him, nice share.
Posted on 26 Sep 2012 14:34