Personal branding is more important than ever

Everyone has a personal brand. Whenever you type your name on the Google search box, what pops up? These search results make the first impression most people will have about you. Is the impression good? Are the details you are sharing on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social networks consistent?

Whether you have a job interview or a date, there a good chance that someone will Google your name to find out more information about you. The most important question is: "Do you intend to allow your online reputation to take on a different life of its own and control the narrative?" With the widespread use of social media and other online platforms, it is essential for everyone, regardless of your profession, to embrace the concept of personal branding.

Personal brand: overview

According to Jeff Bezos, the founder of, your brand is simply what other people say about you, particularly when you are not in the room. Traditionally, the word ‘branding’ was reserved for companies. However, with the advent of social networks and the gig economy, a personal brand is fundamental. Even if you are interested in TV publicity and other related activities, effective personal branding can set a good foundation for your name.

A personal brand is simply the unique combination of experiences and skills that make the person you are. When done correctly, personal branding combined with a well-thought-out personal brand marketing strategy can differentiate you from your competitors. Besides, it can offer you a chance to build trust with your current and prospective employers and clients. Clint Arthur is a personal branding expert and a celebrity entrepreneur. He strongly believes that your life will be a sum total of the best-selling books you create, the prestigious places you speak, the TV shows you appear on, and the photographs you take with famous people — “All of which are elements of your Personal Brand.”

“My favorite type of personal brand marketing work is taking pictures with the famous people,” says Mr. Arthur. “It’s intense, it’s exciting, it’s fast, and it’s great material for interesting stories.” (PHOTO: Clint Arthur with Caitlyn Jenner ©2018 Alison Savitch)

Personal branding is more important than ever

Is it important?

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an employer, cultivating an outstanding personal brand is now more critical than ever. This is because recruiters check social media and other online sources of information during the interview process. A survey carried out by CareerBuilder in 2018, 70 percent of employers use social media in the process of screening their candidates during the hiring process. The survey also concluded that 43 percent of employers use social networks to check on their existing employees.

Additionally, personal branding is essential from the employer’s perspective. Businesses should encourage workers to create strong personal brands as its good for the business. When workers are allowed to represent the companies they work for during conferences or similar events, they aren’t only developing themselves. Indeed, they are also offering the organizations associated with them more exposure.

Company employees can help attract new clients and also retain the current ones if they are viewed as trustworthy leaders. Note that the gig economy isn’t going away any soon, and that means personal branding will always be relevant.

A recent study indicated that average individual switches jobs every two to three years. By 2020, the contract and freelance workers will make about 43 percent of the United States workforce. As a result, people need to communicate who they are clearly. They should also know what they should do to stand out to their prospective employers and customers.

If you are not managing your online reputation effectively, then, you run a risk of losing out even on business.

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