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Four signs your business website needs an SEO audit

The only time the word “audits” pops up in your business shouldn't be when it's time to deal with tax- and accounting-related issues - or when the IRS comes looking for you.
No, there are various types of other audits that should be done in the course of running your business, and a website SEO (search engine optimisation) audit is one.

A website SEO audit is simply a full analysis of your business website to determine its level of search visibility, that is, how easily your site can be found in search engines by potential clients/customers.

This analysis, if done well, should give you an in-depth understanding of why your business website may not be getting as much traffic as you think it ought to, or why your sales (conversions) are not improving overall.

Now that you know what an SEO audit is, the next important question (even before how to perform an SEO audit) is: how do you know when your business website needs an SEO audit?

Here are four tell-tale signs:

1. Lack of search traffic

When you’re not getting any traffic (referrals) from search engines, then there might be a big problem. Your site might not be indexed by search engines. This can be especially evident when you find that you’re not ranking or visible on search engines even for your brand name.

You need an SEO audit as fast as possible to ascertain what the problem is, so you can find solutions to it.

2. Drop in search traffic

When the amount of traffic you were getting suddenly drops significantly, then you also have a serious problem in your hands. Something might be wrong with your site indexing, or you might be facing a penalty from Google and other search engines for something you could have done wrongly.

SEO experts at recommend that an SEO audit be done as quickly as possible once you realise a significant – and probably sudden – plummeting in your search traffic, or the matter could get worse.

3. Bad conversion rate

If you’re getting a lot of visitors to your site from search engines, but they are not converting to customers or clients, then you need an SEO audit – because something is obviously wrong.

The most probable reason is that you’re raising the wrong expectation in your visitors. That is, what they are seeing when you appear in their search results is different from what they see when they get to your site, so they leave naturally.

The first places you want to check are your meta-title tag (or page headers) and meta description – these are the information search engines display in their result pages about your site. Make sure you adjust the copy or wordings to reflect exactly what your business stands for – and what site visitors will meet onsite.

4. High bounce rate

This could be for the same reason as above.

Your bounce rate is determined by how much time people spend on your site. You have a high bounce rate when people only spend few seconds as soon as they land on your site before leaving – and that’s a sign you need an SEO audit.

As said earlier, it could be because people aren’t finding what they expect to meet on your site. So it’s either your meta tags are wrongly representing your business, or your website copy isn’t working enough to retain your visitors – or at least hold their attention for a little longer.

If you ever notice any of these signs on your business website, call for professional SEO help immediately. Any SEO professional worth their salt would definitely start you with a website audit.

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