Simple ways to protect your favorite gadgets

It's wonderful to get enthused about our personal gadgets and it doesn't take long to realize how much they enrich our lives. Although the most innovative apps and gadgets are often on the pricey side, they are well worth the price because they make our lives so much easier. In fact, it's sometimes hard to imagine how we got along without them. If it wasn't for that friend's recommendation or that blog post you stumbled on, you'd still be doing things the old, slow, and tedious way.
Finding the right gadget may entertain us when we’re bored, it can make us far more efficient at doing tedious tasks, and it can make us far more organized at navigating our hectic work or family life. Yet, like Superman’s sudden loss of superpowers when a puny villain waves a stick of kryptonite in his face, our devices, too, have their weaknesses. Since they’re slender electronic devices, they’re fragile.

Invest in a reliable case

Remember how careful you were when your parents bought you your first electronic gadget?

Even at a tender age, you understood that if you dropped, broke, or spilled something on it, the magical world of music or games that you held in your hands would come to a sudden end.

So don’t spend too much time marveling at the design and versatile functionality of your iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, or iPhone X, or whatever iPhone you just bought. Start shopping for iPhone cases to fit your particular model.

While, of course, investing in a case is the first step to protecting your new gadget, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or some other handheld device, there are two other things to do to protect your stuff: first, protect it with its built-in security feature; and second, protect it from theft.

Prevent unauthorized access

While you would never dream of curiously thumbing through someone else’s smartphone to read their text messages, the next person in your cubicle or the person behind you in a grocery line might delight in doing just that. That's why you need to make it impossible to crack the code.

Almost all devices have a security feature to prevent unauthorized users from picking up your device and using it, but it’s up to you to choose something that isn’t simple to guess. Don’t do what most people do - use birthdays and anniversaries or familiar names of people or places. Certainly, it makes it easy to remember it... but what’s convenient for you to remember is also easy for someone who knows you to guess. So, if possible, use a long passphrase or an alphanumeric one with some characters. Since you punch it in so often, you’ll remember!

Theft-proof your device

Even if you were a millionaire, you wouldn’t leave your wallet on your restaurant table or have it stick out of the back pocket of your jeans. Think of your device in the same way and avoid stirring up temptation by taking steps to hide it.

Ironically, many people stick their smartphone, MP3 player, or other pocket-sized devices in their back pocket. All it takes is a few seconds for swift fingers to do their work. You won’t even realize your loss until you reach into your back pocket. It’s only then that you recall someone apologizing for brushing up against you as you stood in a crowded bus or bumping up against you as you crossed a busy street.

When you’re at a gym, swimming pool, skydiving club, or any other place where you might need to change clothing, find a locker room and lock it up. Don’t leave them in your clothes in a neat pile in the changing room as you head out the door.

Finally, hide it in plain sight to make it seem less desirable. Stuff your laptop into a battered shopping bag when walking through a rough neighborhood. If it’s a tablet, stick it in a grimy lunchbox to hide it in your desk at work, or buy tablet cases that look like books and laptop cases that look like packing envelopes.

Protect the things you love

It’s not difficult to protect your device: buy a good case or screen protector, create a strong passcode, and takes simple precautions to theft-proof your device. And while you’re at it, add a tracking app and record your device’s unique serial number to make it easier to find your device if you forget it somewhere or to recover it if it’s stolen.

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