3 best business internal communication apps in 2019

Creating healthy and efficient internal communication is key for great teamwork and environment in the workplace. You need to keep everyone on the same page, even if all your employees aren't in the same city, let alone the same office building.
3 best business internal communication apps in 2019

Once you have internal communications that works across the board, it will be so much easier to genuinely communicate company updates, employee recognition, birthday celebrations, work anniversaries and so on. And when you choose one of the 3 internal communications app options we listed below, it will be easier to manage and maintain effective internal communication while keeping everyone in the loop.

The three best business internal communications apps in 2019 are:

1. Connecteam

Connecteam's employee communication app is the perfect tool for your internal communication needs, especially if you have a number of non-desk employees. Using Connecteam is so easy that even your less tech-savvy employees can get up and running in minutes.

3 best business internal communication apps in 2019

Connecteam features live chat group conversations or one-on-one chat, an in-app directory for work contacts, immediate updates (with or without comment and like capabilities), feedback surveys on anything at anytime, a readily accessible suggestion box and so much more. All the data is documented on Connecteam’s secure cloud and is available access at anytime without a storage limit.

Connecteam is the only internal communications app that allows you to add up to 200 users for a fixed monthly price, either $29/month or $72/month. If you need over 200 users, there is an Enterprise plan that is also available at fixed prices. Start your free 21 day trial today.

2. Slack

If you’re a small team working in hi-tech, Slack’s unique interface can really work for you. This internal communications app is well known for its amazing integration capabilities - it integrates within 20 categories from analytics to marketing to sales and more. Some of Slack’s features include one-on-one and group chat, individual or team audio calls and video conferencing, just send users an email to get started.

Organize your conversations through channels, like projects, a topic, a specific team, or whatever else is right for you. Easily search within Slack to see if a conversation already took place so you can gain knowledge when you need.

Choose from Slack’s three pricing plans: free, standard ($8/user/month), or plus ($15/user/month). Each pricing plan offers additional add-ons that can take your business to the next level, but at an additional cost.

3. Skype for Business

Share a link in order to collaborate with an individual or a team. In a click, anyone can join your online gathering and from any device. Meet right away or schedule from Outlook calendar for a later. The meeting you set up has a URL that is personalized just for you. Some features, when using Skype for Business, include record the meeting, share your screen, and use PowerPoint for real-time collaboration for up to 250 people. Plus, you can use whiteboard, polls, Q&A, and built-in IM during the meetings in order to increase productivity.

For an annual commitment, pricing includes: Office 365 Business - $8.25/user/month, Office 365 Business Premium - $12.50/user/month, or Office 365 Business Essentials - $5.00/user/month. You can try Skype for Business for a free trial if you want and be sure to look into what each pricing plan includes, as it varies per plan.

When it comes to boosting your internal communications, these three internal communications app options are what you need to hit the ground running. Carefully read through each one and if there is a free trial to test the internal communications app then be sure to do it! If you like it, we’re sure your employees will too.

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