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Four mental health tips for entrepreneurs from Johnny Tabaie

When talking about mental health, it deals with one of the most important part of the human body, the brain. Because the brain controls all other parts of the body, the state of mental health can make all the difference between one set of people and the other.
Mental illness is a compilation of the diseases or conditions that affect how a human being thinks, feels, acts, or relates to other people or to surroundings.

With entrepreneurs spending quite the number of hours on the job, trying to bring one startup or another to life or maintain a steady flow of cash into the company, they could be very vulnerable to mental illness.

With all these on the bucket list of an entrepreneur, how can they keep a clean bill of mental health? Johnny Tabaie, the founder of the Holistic Sanctuary, shares four mental tips for entrepreneurs.

1. Be conscious of your physical health

Before you mention mental health issues, something must have gone wrong with the physical body. Less sleep, less food and less rest all make the body weary. In a bid to keep going, according to Johnny Tabaie, entrepreneurs indulge in taking a heavy dose of caffeine or other substances to keep up.

This leads to one kind of addiction or the other which causes the mental health to deteriorate. In order to avoid this, Johnny Tabaie suggests that you sleep well enough, eat plant-based diets and plenty of organic fruits and vegetables.

2. Take a break every now and then

For most entrepreneurs, it’s hard to keep their eyes off their darling startups or companies for just a minute, talk more of a day. And that’s why they don’t miss a day of work. Then accumulated stress kicks in and the mental health takes a hit.

To avoid this, Johnny Tabaie suggests that you step away from your computers, phones, laptops, balancing sheets and the likes for a while. Take a hike, or go on a short vacation as it will help relieve your brain of all the stress that has piled up. It doesn’t have to be a long one but do it to avoid spending a long while treating mental illness.

3. Meditation

If you’re the wake-up-and-go, always-on-the-move kind of entrepreneur, you may need to reconsider your schedule, for your well-being and your mental health.

While a vacation/break is important, you need to be able to relax while you’re at it. Try to disconnect from all the goings-on via meditation, therapy and the likes. Don’t fuss over everything. Inner peace is important and make sure you reach out for it now and then to maintain a clean bill of mental health.

4. Learn how to manage stress

Being an entrepreneur means that stress will be a regular feature of your life. Because you’ve decided to dump the 9-5 cycle, you have to put in more work than the average Joe. This means more stress for you and your body.

But it can be managed and you need to start as quickly as possible. Learn more about your body and what works for you as regards better ways of handling stress and making sure that your mental health is intact.

Being an entrepreneur is one of the most amazing things that can happen to anyone. The great inventions of this world were built by amazing entrepreneurs. But they also learnt that their mental health is as important as giving the world that “next big thing” – well, at least some of them.

Be like those few. Utilize these tips in the coming days and watch your mental health remain in top shape.

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