Is small business health insurance for employees a necessity?

Statistics show that 20 percent of the small businesses do not know what health benefits should be offered to employees. This is a shame since health insurance should always be a top priority for every single company out there. Even if you just hire employees for seemingly safe jobs like with Book Taxi Paris you have to offer something that makes working for your company as attractive as possible.

Health insurance as a main priority for the small businesses

How many small businesses offer health insurance is mainly connected to how many employees are hired. When under twenty employees, health insurance is often not available. Statistics are even worse when looking at under five employees in the company. However, most of the companies that have under 100 employees are at least considering health insurance. This is definitely a necessity in so many cases since advantages can be really high.

Unfortunately, Trump healthcare politics are shady and there is no change that will appear in the near future. According to the law, a small business (officially the one under fifty employees) is not required to offer health insurance to employees. Even so, some sort of health benefits or insurance is needed and will most likely be offered in the following years. Simply put, a small business will have to use health insurance in order to have higher retention and better recruitment rates.

Small business employer statistics

  • Around 40% of the small businesses offer health insurance at the moment.
  • Around 20% of the small businesses will offer direct health insurance to the employees in the following three years.
  • Around 20% of the small businesses do not know if they are going to offer health insurance.

The important stat that needs to be remembered is that a third of the small businesses look at health insurance as being a necessity from a strategic point of view.

Why health insurance?

Employees now want to feel safe when they go to work every single day. Safety is not just about the actual job. It is also about what happens in the event something goes wrong. Health insurance is needed for the companies as the employees see that the management cares. When something bad happens they know that they can go to the doctor and get the necessary treatment.

Is health insurance needed for small businesses?

As already mentioned, it is not something that can be seen as mandatory since the law does not force business owners to offer health insurance. However, this does not mean that employees do not want to see that when they think about working for a company or not. In the future what the company offers is going to dictate whether or not the best staff joins it or not. Every single small perk is going to help at the end of the day.

Many health insurance options are available at the moment. Businesses need to see what they afford and have to offer as much as possible. That is going to help to get better workers and increase business profits.

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