How to run a business while pursuing a personal injury claim

So, you're used to taking the bull by the horns, taking charge, and getting things done your way. Becoming injured and being in the middle of a personal injury claim can change a business owner who's used to running his company like a roaring lion into a timid kitten. For once, you won't be able to get up and run your own errands and the idea of holding an emergency meeting in the middle of the day has to fall by the wayside while you're busy giving a deposition. Getting involved in a civil personal injury action is a slow and arduous process. You may think your case is about to be settled only to hear from your attorney a few days later and be right back to square one. So, if you own a business, approach your pending personal injury claim in the same way that you'd run your company.

Managing Your Attorney

Unless you think that you can handle a personal injury claim pro se you’ll have an attorney doing most of the work on your behalf. Of course, your attorney is going to need to hear you completely out in order to understand your side of the story. Getting a personal injury claim can feel like it’s going slowly in the beginning because it takes a lot to build a strong case. Afterward, you really aren’t going to need to call your attorney on a daily basis or even get updates unless the outcome changes. Managing your attorney simply means setting your expectations from the beginning and then occasionally checking in to see that things are still going in the same direction.

Letting go of what you can’t control

The pace of your personal injury claim is not within your control or even the control of your attorney. Sure, you can ask your lawyer to make an offer to settle to the other party but realize that in business you can’t control the outcome. You can get another business owner to sit down at the table and make them an offer but you cannot force another company to sign a contract. Just like you can be in negotiations to purchase a company or to merge with another brand for years, personal injury claims get settled on an arbitrary timescale.

Keeping on top of your legal matters

Business owners can be incredibly good at managing logistics, keeping customers informed, or even being really great at acquiring talent. As a result of being an excellent business owner, you might accidentally neglect other important things like eating lunch every day or even getting enough sleep at night. You’ll have to keep on top of your legal issues while you run your business and keep your life in check, even if it feels like you’re running every which way.

Your lawyer will make pursuing a personal injury claim more tenable by completing all of the necessary filings on your behalf. No research is required when you let someone else hold the reins so that you can just be a business owner instead of trying to work outside of your area of expertise. Your pending suit will be settled eventually so work on building a better company while you have the time available.

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