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Four ways the wrong janitor can ruin your business

As a business owner, you'll need different functional departments for the smooth running of the company because you can't do it all on your own.
You can't be the tech guy, the front desk officer, the team director, the janitor and still be the Chief Executive officer – you're not a robot.

However, it's not enough to just employ anybody; the effects of doing that are usually grave. Employing people who are not professionals at their job could cause your business a great loss. And that applies even to janitors, the focus of this article.

Janitors are also known as custodians, and are employed primarily for the purpose of cleaning and maintaining a building.

They mostly carry out their duties indoors and could sometimes be outdoors. Working outdoors, they could be sweeping walkways, shovelling snow or even mowing lawns.

However, in the process of carrying out their duties, unprofessional janitors make mistakes here and there, exposing your business to grave ruins.

Still in doubt how that could ever happen? See below four ways the wrong janitor can ruin your business.

1. Damage to property

Professional janitors have been trained to carefully handle their client's properties and use proper cleaning solutions on expensive hardwood floors.

Unfortunately, unprofessional janitors don't have that luxury. They use whatever solution they can lay their hands on, and eventually, the whole thing goes south.

The floor gets ruined and you're left with extra expenses – expenses that would have been better used for other aspects of your business.

2. Injury to employee or customers

Reliable janitorial services is key to a productive work environment. A poor one might leave everything messier than before the cleaning. They might forget to put out caution signs to warn customers and employees of the slippery floor.

Employees or customers that fall victim of the slippery fall might hold your business responsible for the accident and could cause you a lot of emotional and financial stress.

Added to that is the bad recommendation about your company that they might take upon themselves to start spreading.

It's no news that bad news spreads like wild fire, the more people they tell, the more they tarnish your company's name.

3. Chemical exposure

If you run a restaurant and you have employed the wrong janitors, then it's over for your business.

A professional janitor knows it's only right to store chemicals properly after use to avoid pollution damages.

However, poor janitorial services are ignorant of these measures as they handle chemical storage as they see fit, not as it should be handled.

Imagine them exposing the chemicals to the food and half the people in the restaurant get poisoned - what exactly would be your defense? Definitely that business has come to an end and you might even serve a jail term for someone else's ignorance.

4. Handling equipment

Left to you, you'll rather supervise the janitors while they clean the equipment because you can't risk any damage happening to them.

But since there are other things to be done and you believe them to be professional enough to carry out their duties without supervision, you give the benefit of doubt.

However, the wrong janitor will never handle equipment carefully because they haven't been trained on that aspect.

They'll clean it with the wrong chemical or even rough-handle the buttons on it. This can lead to the breakdown of the machine or even permanent damage.

Of course they don't know how much it costs - you're the one who'll be dancing to the tune afterwards.

Avoid spending over your budget and ruining your business. Employ only the services of professional janitors. They do everything better because they are trained to.

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