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Seven factors to consider in hiring painting contractors for your office

If the physical appearance of individuals really matters in business, then it's reasonable to say that how good-looking your office is tells a lot about the business you get. One shouldn't be surprised when a shabby office attracts only low-budget, pain-in-the-behind clients.
For this reason you want to ensure your office always looks professional - very tidy and attractive to clients. You want your business to look like a million bucks.

One of the best ways to achieve this is by giving the office a paint. You want your office to have such a great paint-job that it not only advances your brand, but also attracts potential clients to you.

If you’re looking to paint your office, you must be careful to ensure it comes out great and indeed helps your business achieve that professional, classy look you desire. This however starts from hiring the right painter for the job.

Before you settle for a painter, it’s a good idea to contact several painting contractors and have a meeting with all of them to increase your chance of getting the best. While at that, here are seven factors to consider when choosing which of them you’ll eventually hire to paint your office:

1. Professionalism

A painting contractor’s conduct, right from answering your phone call, to walking into your office to assess the situation, and even to giving you their quotation, all show their level of [ professionalism]]. This extends to customer service and human relations too. Whoever you choose, you want to make sure the painting contractors have an aura of professionalism and efficiency around them.

You can also search locally online, with key phrases like: “professional painting contractors in Toronto”, for example, and you’ll get yourself more than a dozen sites to review.

2. Experience

You want to make sure the painting contractors you hire have years of experience behind them. They should have been in existence for a while. This would ensure they’re mature enough to know the process. Since practice makes perfect, it’s ideal to hire those with more past projects.

3. Size of team

The size of a painting contractor’s team or crew says a lot about them. It makes them more reliable – to be able to deliver on the job faster and more effectively. A one-man show is definitely a no-no.

4. Credentials

It’s always better (safer) to consider credentials before hiring a painting contractor. Few things can be pointers to reliability, like membership in the trade association and having appropriate licenses.

5. Reference

Ask for a list of references from each painting contractor, real people you can call to ask about the painter’s past work and service delivery. Any contractor that can’t provide a list falls from your list, and for those who provide a list, call the references up and ask them about their experience with each contractor.

6. Insurance

You must confirm that your painting contractor is insured. If not, you’ll be liable for whatever injuries any member of the crew gets while on your premises.

7. Your schedule

You want to hire a painting contractor that is willing to work in line with your schedule. If business hours wouldn’t fly for you, your contractor should be flexible enough to work after work hours or on weekends.

Now you have seven factors to consider in hiring painting contractors for your office. Don’t delay the project any longer; get your office painting done as soon as possible, but consider the seven factors shared in this post to determine the right man for the job.

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