Marketing and ecommerce going forward

The marketing world has never been in such a state of rapid change, and that has made the job of marketers everywhere more difficult than ever. Marketing budgets have shrunk, expectations have soared, and the media landscape has morphed into a more advanced, digitally-enhanced version of its former self. At the helm of all this constant change lies the awakening of all things digital. First came technology, then came digital focus, and here we have arrived at digital reliance. As this era of digital reliance is relatively new to us, we are learning to grasp it with both hands and forge stronger systems and processes using it.
Every industry has been forced into evolving with the times and the way the world is moving, and that includes the marketing industry. Technology gave us ecommerce, and ecommerce has given rise to the need for changing marketing focuses. The must have features for a business hosting, coupled with the refinements of ecommerce and marketing, have come together to create a scape that calls to the consumers of today in a way that they answer to, that makes sense to them, and that they feel they can rely on. There are three key concepts to marketing and ecommerce that all businesses must make use of if they wish to be successful.

Social media

Social media is a brilliant stroke of marketing genius in this world that is run by ecommerce and digital enhancement. If digital marketing is ecommerce’s saving grace, then social media is the path to successfully navigating digital marketing. It might seem like an oddity, but social media is the marketing tactic that has become the most popular in recent years. Today’s consumers want efficiency and convenience, and social media allows for both; consumers can literally browse and buy in a matter of seconds thanks to Shoppable posts. Further, social media allows companies the chance to connect with their consumers rather than marketing blindly to them – social media usability means that companies can monitor what their consumers want in real time, by communicating with said customers through social media reaches.

Consumer focus

Consumer focus is the centre of marketing, and as technology has disrupted the planet, it has become the core of ecommerce as well. The evolution of ecommerce has brought with it an undeniably strong sense of global connectivity, but that connectivity comes with an innate sense of needing to do better, to be better. Ecommerce and marketing thrive around customer focus, just as all industry’s aim to do the same. In ecommerce, however, the need is stronger than ever to accomplish this very thing. In short, the global connectivity that has been afforded to consumers and companies alike has come with an increased presence. More presence means more competition, and ecommerce companies that focus on their customers, and not their competitors, are the ones that will thrive. It is all about the customer – take no mind of what your competitors are doing, they are not the ones you are trying to find solutions for.


Personalisation is one of the most prominent key tactics in ecommerce. An extension of consumer focus in a way, the core function of personalisation in ecommerce and marketing is to take consumer focus to the next level. Through targeted ads and email marketing, personalisation is becoming more popular in ecommerce by the day. Consumers these days want to interact and support businesses that really know, listen, and value them, and a simple marketing tweak like adding name recognition to emails can add a personal touch that teeters comfortably between too invasive and too insensitive – right in the sweet spot.

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