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Nine items your office first aid box should contain

Hazards happen every now and then in companies hence the necessity of a well-stocked first aid box. In fact, the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulation requires that all employers provide appropriate equipment and well-trained fist aider so employees can receive immediate attention soon as the accident occurs at work - including calling an ambulance.
The items in your office first aid box largely depend on your company’s needs. For example, the first aid box of a construction company will most definitely be different from that of a small, low risk workplace. This is because a construction site is more hazardous than the regular office and should have more specialised equipment.

While your office needs should be the base of stocking your first aid box, here are a few basic items that should be included in every office first aid box.

1. First aid guidance leaflet

The guidance leaflet is a blueprint of basic first aid principles. It teaches the first aider to provide the right treatment in case of any unfortunate occurrence at work.

It usually contains up-to-date first aid protocols – how to deal with bleeding, resuscitation, burns and eye injuries, broken bones, etc. It is easy to read and is not too lengthy.

It also includes a section on effective record-keeping. This ensures that all accidents at work are recorded and up to date.

2. Eye pads and dressings

This is used to cover and cushion the eye after an injury. They are meant to protect the affected eye from infection, dust and grime.

3. Bandages

Bandages are used to hold wound dressings in place, support broken arms, control heavy bleeding and to apply pressure to a wound and no office first aid box would be complete without it.

4. Disposable gloves

Disposable gloves in an office first aid box offers protection against infections in first aid situations, especially when there is a likelihood of contact with body fluids.

5. Alcohol-free cleansing wipes

The alcohol-free wipes are used for cleaning the skin and wound prior to dressing to avoid the risk of an infection.

6. Soothing skin cream

Skins are reasonably sensitive and depending on the nature of your company, your employees could be reacting to one or two of the products, giving them a skin rash. Could be contact with certain plants, chemicals, etc. – hence making the skin cream a necessity in office first aid box to provide instant relief and sooth the urge to keep itching the affected area.

However, note that it is not a replacement for proper medication, so see a doctor immediately after first aid treatment.

7. Painkillers

If you were allowed only one thing in your office first aid box, it’ll surely be a medication to combat the pain from the injury sustained at work.

There’s Tylenol, Paracetamol, Aspirin or Ibuprofen. However, be sure to only take the recommended dose to avoid adverse effects – like damage to the liver.

8. Safety pins

Not all injuries render you helpless. You sustain some minor injuries, dress them and get back to work. In cases like this, the safety pin will be used to keep the bandage in place. So whether you decide to rest or get back to work, it won’t be a hindrance and the wound will be safely covered.

9. Distilled water

It’s important to use distilled water only to clean the wound because the use of just any water can expose it to infection and even create a greater threat to the victim than the previously sustained injury.

First aid boxes are generally important in every organization, but what’s more important is a well-stocked first aid box – not just an empty one. This is to ensure all employees are giving immediate treatment after sustaining an injury, and therefore, keep the workplace safer and healthier.

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