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Carte Blanche - Arrested Development

In response to the Carte Blanche insert - entitled Arrested Development - as aired on Sunday 9th of September, the following clarifications of information provided out of context are confirmed by Educor.
Clarification of Provider Programmes
Formal communication on record from UMALUSI, affirms that Private Providers may offer a range of qualifications. These include:
a) National Qualifications (Formal credit bearing NQF registered unit standard and non-unit standard based type qualifications - for which accreditation and programme approval must be obtained)
b) Provider Programmes
c) Agent Qualifications (Programmes which are quality assured by Professional bodies.)

The comments made during the segment relating to Provider Programmes were taken out of context and without consideration of the different types of legitimate Learning Programme options available within the South African education environment.

To get a clearer understanding on this, please visit http://www.umalusi.org.za/ur/publications/20101123OpenlettertolearnersNov.pdf.

Damelin has been in the education sector for 68 years and there is a legacy of reputable courses that are recognised both nationally and internationally.

With reference to the allegations that were made in Carte Blanche, these are the facts:
• Damelin is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) as a Private Education Institution under the Higher Education Act of 1997. Our registration number is 2001/HE07/009, and this information is freely available on the following websites www.damelin.co.za/ and www.dhet.gov.za/
• All of Damelin's Higher Education qualifications are registered with The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and accredited by the Council for Higher Education (CHE).

The ICB has also confirmed publicly that all their courses offered at Damelin are valid and are quality assured, verified by FASSET and registered on the National Qualifications Framework. Qualification registration ID numbers appear on all ICB certificates to illustrate this.

The South African Institute of Management (SAIM) also released a formal statement stating that Dr Shaheeda Essack's comments from the Department of Higher Education were taken out of context and do not reflect the fifty year history of these qualifications and their acceptance internationally by worldwide management organisations.

We would also like to reassure all current and prospective learners that we have consistently met Education Training Quality Assurance (ETQA) requirements with regards to our facilities and are proud to have maintained a high reputation within the industry.

The responses from the various social network platforms have expressed concern, and we want to put their fears to rest and ask students not to respond emotionally and cancel courses based on the one-sided, sensationalised allegations provided, but rather confirm the facts for yourself by contacting Dale Chaplin via email . He will gladly answer any enquiries.

We also recommend that students confirm the different types of accreditation at the various campuses which are applicable to their area of study or alternatively visit www.dhet.gov.za / www.umalusi.org.za for the correct information.

Damelin's press office