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What The Freelance - give your business a competitive edge

Did you know that experts are predicting that this year the self-employed workforce will outgrow the public-sector workforce?

In a South African context, it’s estimated that the freelance market, especially the under-25s sector, has grown by almost 60%.

However, local research has shown that despite the growth in the freelance sector, businesses are still finding it difficult to work with freelancers because of their general lack of business skills, and know-how.

That’s where What The Freelance by Brent ‘Spillly’ Spilkin, CEO of Growing Pains Business Consultancy, comes in. Designed to give your business a competitive edge, the What The Freelance workshop is the perfect way to upskill if you’re a digital and creative freelancer.

This short, one-day workshop hosted by DigitLab Academy is ideal for entrepreneurs, business owners, social media managers, digital marketing specialists, copywriters, designers and freelancers, who want to learn the relevant skills needed to make their freelance business a success.

Want to book your seat and take your freelance business to new heights? Join DigitLab Academy and Brent Spilkin at Vega Bordeaux, Johannesburg, on 21 June 2018 from 9am - 4pm.

Those attending the workshop will learn about the fundamentals of freelancing, the core elements of developing a business strategy, accounting, taxes and good governance for small businesses. Plus, they’ll receive a free copy of Brent Spilkin’s book “What the Freelance – The mini MBA for Digital and Creative Freelancers”.

For more information on the What The Freelance workshop, or to secure your seat, please visit our website or contact Danielle on to secure your seat.

DigitLab Academy:

DigitLab Academy, founded by Mike Saunders, is a SETA registered institution that aims to provide digital skills and strategies to people in a digital age.

Offering workshops for both corporate training and personal betterment, DigitLab Academy runs public workshops continually to help others grow their understanding of digital marketing.

For more information on the What The Freelance workshop, or to secure your seat, please visit our website:

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