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Setup a Startup launches Investment Readiness Programme Digital Platform

How can you prepare your company to be investment and due diligence ready from the very beginning? To get the answer, join us for the launch of the Setup a Startup Investment Readiness Programme. A digital platform that connects entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors.
Thursday, 4 March 2021, on livestream from 4pm-7pm SAST.

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Setup a Startup has launched an investor-led Investment Readiness Programme Digital Platform, offering a unique marketplace where investors, mentors and entrepreneurs can connect.

The interactive, video-based training programs are completed online at the pace, location, and time of your choosing. You learn with a global community of entrepreneurs and mentor and can ask questions and get feedback at any time. The platform offers insights into what is needed to secure equity or angel investment for your business. Led by experienced investors and mentors, the programme helps Startups and SMEs raise venture capital and/or angel investment by ensuring they are properly prepared and understand the process of investment readiness that unlocks their due diligence room.

Whether you’re looking at starting your own business or looking for first round investment or larger funding sources this programme will outline what equity investment opportunities are available and what different investors are looking for.

In celebration of its momentum, Setup a Startup will host the “Investment Readiness Programme” Digital Platform for startup companies that want to establish a presence in Africa. The program offers resources designed to amplify the continent’s startup economy and nurture startups with a high potential for growth, putting an emphasis on diversity and inclusion making entrepreneurship accessible to everyone across the continent.

“With a single, central place, we can help entrepreneurs get access to all they need to start, grow and scale their businesses and investors get access to the best deals,” said McKevin Ayaba, the visionary founder of the Southern Africa Startup Awards, the CEO of Setup a Startup. “We are focused on creating and expanding high potential growth, high tech businesses here for years to come.”

“The industry has also been slow to adopt digital, with many feeling that face-to-face meetings and pitching events are the best way forward. But behaviours have shifted in the last few years to the point where that argument does not hold water especially with the sudden surge of the Covid-19 virus. All purchasing decisions, whether you’re buying a pair of jeans, a new car or building your startup, start online with browsing and initial research.”

Unlike many existing startup-centric organisations, Setup a Startup provides a central location for all information and resources related to starting a high potential growth business in Africa. The organisation partners with fellow entrepreneurial organisations, connects startups with investors and corporate innovation teams, and provides critical mentorship for each stage of business growth in the fastest growing market in the world.

The Setup a Startup Investment Readiness Programme Digital Platform launch webinar event aims to help entrepreneurs to better understand the key steps to be investment ready and the requirements of due diligence when preparing their first or next investment round. The Platform is suitable for upcoming entrepreneurs, startup enthusiasts, established startups and ecosystem builders including: Tech Hubs, Incubators, Accelerators, Startup Support Organisations (SSOs), Innovation Support Organisations (ISOs), Enterprise Support Organisations (ESOs), University labs, Co-working spaces, Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs) and private entities.

To learn more about Setup a Startup, please visit

About the organiser Setup a Startup - “Putting Entrepreneurs First”

Setup a Startup is a not-for-profit organisation registered in South Africa. It is the place that shares ideas, experience, and networks to help others connect, learn, and grow. We celebrate success and learn from failure. A community that wants to help the African startups flourish.

We are passionate about helping African entrepreneurs and innovators to thrive. Whether you are a founder starting out, an established CEO, a mentor, an investor, or ecosystem builder – we encourage you to join our community.

We are a community for founders, startups, mentors, investors, and ecosystem leaders. We are curious about the future, and we want to disrupt the status quo with technology that can change the world. Our focus is connecting and supporting startups and startup ecosystem builders across Africa and the entrepreneurs they serve. We do this through curated events, content, and programs.

Our mission is to facilitate and catalyse innovation, entrepreneurial development, and business success that fosters sustainable economic growth across Africa

Our goal is to help entrepreneurs turn their big ideas and visions into successful and scalable companies.

Our activities focus on strengthening individuals, organisations and programs that allow startup founders and entrepreneurs to develop knowledge and skills, start a new and innovative business, or grow an existing one; and strengthening communities to have more supportive environments for entrepreneurs, including policies, practices, and programs.

We have seen first-hand what challenges tech scale-ups face getting to series production and securing funding. We believe that with our newly launched Investment Readiness Programme Digital Platform, we can create value and speed up the scaling of companies by bringing people and ideas together, thereby increasing mutual trust and closing knowledge gaps, for example between start-ups and investors.

Setup a Startup
Fostering a sustainable startup & innovation ecosystem across Africa.



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