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JSE business breakfast will focus on intellectual property governance

The spectacular downfall of health technology company Theranos, and its quixotic founder, Elizabeth Holmes, is a topic of great interest and debate today. Much of their demise can be attributed to systematic abuses of the Palo Alto business' intangibles, or intellectual property.
Leading IP law firm Adams & Adams and business governance consultancy, FluidRock, have teamed up to host a free breakfast discussion on Intellectual Property and Governance. “We’ll be drawing parallels between the collapse of Theranos in the United States and a spate of local examples of IP mismanagement, ignorance and under-reporting,” explains Darren Olivier, IP lawyer and partner at Adams & Adams.

FluidRock Co-CEO, Adv. Annemarie van der Merwe, will join Olivier for the conversation. “Intangibles are ever increasing in value in business, yet they are largely invisible, hidden physically and in the financial accounts and physically,” she says. “So, it will be important for us to understand the relationship between intangibles and intellectual property.”

In addition to case studies, the pair also plan on discussing a step-by-step approach to IP identification and governance and will also talk about IP issues of the day such as Brexit.

Date: 15 March 2019
Time: 07h30 – 08h00 registration. 09h00 event begins.
Venue: JSE. One Exchange Square, 2 Gwen Lane, Sandown, Sandton.
Cost: Click here

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