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  • Dis-chem prepped for vaccination roll-out with 32 sites secured
    Dis-Chem Pharmacies has confirmed its readiness for Covid-19 vaccination roll-out. "We are well-positioned to commence with the vaccination roll-out aligned to government timelines, and we have prepared our teams to work at full capacity if supply from government is consistent," says CEO Ivan Saltzman.
  • Online retail in SA soars to R30bn, comprising 2.8% of total retail
    A new report reveals that total growth for online retail in South Africa rose to 66% in 2020, exceeding the 25% growth predicted three years ago, and bringing the total of online retail in South Africa to R30,2bn.
  • The evolution of Gagasi FM and Heart FM
    And you thought 2020 was one heck of a year! 2021 brings winds of change as Gagasi FM and Heart FM will be launching their own media solutions company under holding company MRC Media effective from 1 July 2021. The stations will utilise Mediamark as its sales house until 30 June 2021. Issued by Mediamark
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Workbench starts a new tradition with a new look

Workbench has been creating opportunities to 'feel the good work' since 2013. With the appointment of Sean van der Westhuizen as creative director, one of his first tasks was to refresh the agency's corporate identity to mark the start of his tenure at Workbench and to coincide with the launch of its new website.

Co-founders Michael Cook and Martin Sing had this to say: “We wanted to start a tradition that demonstrates our agency’s belief that if we are to survive and thrive, we have to put our egos aside and allow others to build on the idea of Workbench. Giving Sean the opportunity to re-energise our CI is just one reflection of that.”

Van der Westhuizen took up the challenge and this was his inspiration behind the design: “I set out to create a look for us that reflects how we’ve grown up as a company and established ourselves as a strong player in the industry. I also wanted to pay tribute to Workbench’s inceptive CI, so I kept our brand colours. The result is a refreshed, strong and clean design, with the incorporation of the new Workbench ‘block’ icon into our logo. The block symbolises a workbench, and this bench represents how we work. We stand around the bench together with our clients and craft partners, working on what’s on it, to make beautiful, effective pieces of advertising. That’s the essence of how we feel about good work.”

Workbench marks 7 years in business

When Michael Cook and Martin Sing forged Workbench in 2013, the objective was clear: to offer large agency capability with boutique agency speed and service...

Issued by Workbench 23 Oct 2020

The fresh, new look is part of Workbench’s own inclusive brand story. The thinking, craft and design that went into it follows the same care and attention the agency applies to all their client’s brand stories. This philosophy has helped Workbench establish itself as an up-and-coming lead brand agency in South Africa, building the likes of Longevity, Mukuru, Don Papa Rum, Denny Mushrooms and SBS Tanks. Furthermore, the agency has recently been awarded the Courvoisier brand in South Africa.

About Workbench:

Workbench is a full service, through-the-line marketing communications agency based in Johannesburg with clients in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, as well as the UK and Philippines. Started in 2013, Workbench offers large agency capability with boutique agency speed and service. www.workbench1.com




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