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Saint celebrates turning one

In 2018, local businessman Gary Kyriacou approached Grid Worldwide to help conceptualise a new restaurant. Grid was briefed to design and curate the entire brand experience. This included the name, tone and personality of the brand as well as its visual expression that focused on brand collateral and the interior space.

Grid knew people would be tempted to indulge from the moment they set foot in the restaurant. This inner struggle reminded us of the tension we face daily by having to choose between the good and bad parts of ourselves. The name Saint is associated with the good and righteous, but looked at more closely the word Saint contains ‘sin’.

We built an entire identity off this platform while suggesting that the struggle between saint and sinner, should not be a struggle at all, but celebrated as two necessary aspects of ourselves.

Visually we have done this in three ways:
  1. Traditional paintings are infused with subversive subject matter.
  2. Overt defacement of imagery with graffiti.
  3. Subtle symbolism in imagery.
The work has been a resounding success with the restaurant becoming one of the most talked about and visited venues in SA.


Creative agency: Grid Worldwide
Illustrations: Fresh Helga
Interior design and production: Irene Kyriacou, Damian Grivas and Reddeco
3D projection mapping: Lucan Visuals
Tapestry production: The Mill Fabrics
Carpet production: Monn Carpets
Website developers: Altivex Foundry
Photography: Lampost & Paul Samuels
Case study video: Blacksmith Creative Collective

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