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How is your genetic brandcharacter?

Elon Musk
Steve Jobs
Raymond Ackerman
Richard Branson
Jeff Bezos
Harry Oppenheimer
Walt Disney
Henry Ford
Warren Buffet
Mark Zuckerberg
Julius Malema
One of the things that these people have in common is that the brands under their control are reflections of themselves. They infuse their brands with their own personal genetic character. Charismatic leaders can do that for brands, but not all brands have charismatic leaders to guide them.

The good thing about genetic character is that it comes naturally - there's nothing forced or contrived about it. If the brand reflects the person leading the organisation, then the brand has a very easy-to-follow role model.

But what if there is no charismatic leader for the brand to follow? If this is the case, the brand will need to create a character for itself. It will have to strive to create a persona worthy of living human beings like the ones on the list above. This is not an easy task. To achieve it, it is important to clearly define and manage a style and soul (beliefs, philosophies) for the brand to practice. Identifying a suitable style and soul requires some reference points.

Sounds straightforward enough, but there is a catch. There must be no disconnect between the brandcharacter and the character of the organisation. To avoid never-ending identity confusion, a company's brands must reflect the style and soul of the organisation itself.

Before you can specify the style and soul for brands it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of the style and soul of your organisation. Cool companies beget hip brands and pioneering companies beget innovative ones. Introverted organisations can’t beget extrovert brands and vice versa.

How consistent is your corporate character with your brandcharacter? Do you even know what your brandcharacter is? If you don’t know we recommend that you find out.

We have used character reference points to measure the brandcharacters of the brands in each of these market sectors. We would love to share some of our thinking with you and get your inputs.
  • Banks
  • Short-term insurance
  • Financial institutions
  • Fashion retailers
  • Grocers
  • Fashion brands
  • Automotive
  • Cell phone network operators
  • Technology
  • QSR (fast food restaurants)
If you if you would like to learn more, all you have to do is contact Megan (/072 060 5241).

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