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Credit and consumer protection titles less 20%

LexisNexis South Africa is running a special on two key titles in the credit and consumer protection domain. The National Credit Act Explained and Consumer Protection Law in South Africa Second Edition are currently available via the LexisNexis bookstore at a 10% discount. As an additional bonus to online customers, when purchasing the two titles together, a 20% discount will apply.
The fourth edition National Credit Act Explained provides legal professionals with a practical and systematic understanding of the highly complex National Credit Amendment Act of 2014. Featuring articles by prominent academic writers and recent far-reaching court decisions, the title covers aspects from the history of the National Credit Act to its scope, the various stakeholders and regulators and the rights and duties of consumers and credit providers. For more information or to order your copy click here.

Every transaction occurring within South Africa is subject to the laws contained within The Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008. The act has had a major impact on all contracts and the way in which suppliers and consumers do business. Consumer Protection Law in South Africa Second Edition will greatly assist practitioners, researchers, suppliers, consumers, enforcement institutions, academia and regulators, providing an in-depth view of consumer protection law. To find out more or order your copy of Consumer Protection Law in South Africa Second Edition click here.

To purchase both titles at a 20% discount click here and add both to your cart. The discount will be applied on Checkout.

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