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How Codehesion became the best-known smartphone app development company in South Africa

Codehesion has developed a simple marketing strategy to ensure it is top-of-mind when it comes to smartphone app development in South Africa.

Codehesion was founded in 2018 by Hector Beyers, who has over 10 years’ experience as a software architect for both large corporations and start-ups.

In Codehesion, he has built a team of highly-qualified and experienced software engineers who have created some of South Africa best smartphone applications.

Codehesion also proved that it can create better smartphone apps at more affordable rates than other large software development companies.

Beyers, however, faced a challenge when he started the company. How could he let the market know that Codehesion was the best company in South Africa for mobile app development?

He wanted to clearly communicate the strengths of Codehesion and why they should be the first choice when a company wants to develop a new Android or iOS app.

Using traditional marketing channels like Google paid search, magazine adverts, or radio inserts would simply make Codehesion look like another run-of-the-mill software development company.

Instead, Beyers opted for an online-only content marketing and social media marketing strategy.

To start, Codehesion built commercial relationships with influential technology and business publications to publish sponsored articles.

This content would then be promoted through these publications’ social media channels to target people on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

It worked exceptionally well. Over the past year this strategy sent over 24,000 people to the Codehesion website, which resulted in thousands of leads and millions or rand in business.

It also received a large number of backlinks to its website which increased its SEO, and resulted in over 2,200 visits from organic Google search traffic.

The image below provides an overview of the success of Codehesion’s content marketing strategy over the past 12 months.

Codehesion's press office

CodehesionOur agile approach enables us to develop software that is able to move quickly and easily through short phases of work, frequent reassessment and adaptation of design to ensure that we start adding value to your business immediately.


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