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Added braking power, a challenge to the vehicle manufacturing industry

Werner Botha from AnimMate feels the visual creative industry can inspire and plant the seeds for more inventive thought.

An example of this is his idea of a new braking system which you can see via his short animated movie that explains this safety concept.

The system allows more friction on the road surface to enable the vehicle to reduce speed quicker and safer than is available on current braking systems.

You’ll find the movie about Increased Surface Traction in the following link:

Werner challenges the vehicle manufacturing industry to utilise his idea or a variation of the idea, and bring it to life with a real world implementation on the roads.

He supports this with the fact that the sooner this can be achieved the more lives can potentially be saved.

AnimMate is an animation studio that has been creating fresh and original visuals for local and international clients for over 25 years.

AnimMate is a premier animation and online studio based in South Africa.

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