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ATKV Goudini Spa open for MICE with new "naked" hybrid approach to conferences

Ready to reboot, collaborate and explore the new normal? Its all systems go for a new approach to conventional thinking. With Covid-19 disrupting conventional business events, it's time for a rethink on how to approach this new era.

Goudini Spa has been a firm favourite for large and small conferences over the years – with capacity for over 800 delegates and seven dedicated venues, it's easy to understand why. Covid-19 has certainly left a lasting impact on the industry and has fast-tracked the adoption of new business conferencing solutions. Welcome "naked" hybrid conferencing – Goudini spa has taken the step to embrace technology and can therefore offer Hybrid solutions to accommodate multiple group gatherings, either on-site in our different venues, at one of our sister resorts or one of our competitors, or even straight out of your office.

Climate change and sustainability impacts us all and now is the perfect time for change. Goudini Spa is therefore taking its steps to say no to single-use plastics! That's right, it's time to get "naked" and get rid of all those harmful plastics. Although we are no way near where we want to be, we have taken our first steps to a better tomorrow and will continually push ourselves to embrace change and adopt better solutions to ensure our and our environment's sustainability.

ATKV Goudini Spa
Goudini Spa is one of the Western Cape's most sought-after holiday, conference and tourist destinations with a wide variety of accommodation options, recreational - and business event facilities.



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