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Custom website and content for Fixed Mobile Technologies

Talk about being different and standing out in a saturated competitive industry.

The Challenge

Fixed Mobile Telecoms as a new telecoms provider needed a website as unique as their product and as professional as their highly experienced group of individuals. They wanted a unique website and content that stands out, breaking all the moulds and rules. They wanted something different to the

The Solution

At our meeting with them we listened. Understanding what they needed, Webillism built a custom responsive website with a mobile main menu as the only navigation. We used vector images, scratched out words and a whole lot of orange. We also incorporated a step by step client analysis questionnaire form that allows them to listen and understand precisely what their clients are looking for. The normal way of booking meetings also had to go, so we integrated Google and Microsoft into their booking forms that allows customers to book specific meeting slots when it suits them based on their requirements.

Great company, great people, great job. Have a look at their website.

Webillism is an out of this world web design company based in Johannesburg South Africa. For us, web design is more than a job it's a passion and adventure. We love to design beautiful websites backed up with the latest functionality and technology.


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