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There's never been a better time to travel, South Africa

As Africa's third most visited country, things can get a little crowded in South Africa during peak holiday seasons. Now, with international travel restrictions limiting the number of foreign visitors, locals have a unique opportunity to travel South Africa without the crowds.
Image by David Peterson from Pixabay
Image by David Peterson from Pixabay

Limited travel options are creating interest

Locals are becoming more aware of the wealth of incredible things to do and see in South Africa for two main reasons:

    Travel restrictions - Barred from forays into foreign soil, local travel enthusiasts have no choice but to plan holidays on South African turf. The ever-present threat of further restrictions looms over the heads of prospective travellers, forcing them to choose travel options closer to home.Increased awareness - Thanks to increased marketing by top tourist attractions, online searches are revealing more of the country’s incredible destinations to the average online searcher. With so many varied activities to choose from in South Africa, it’s easy for local travellers to plan a relaxing or exciting escape right on their doorstep.

Limited budgets

A worldwide economic downturn means people across the globe are tightening their belts, making local travel a far more attractive option for cash-strapped South Africans.

Despite global economic woes, international currencies are still strong when compared to the rand, placing international travel even further out of reach.

Fantastic savings are available across the board

Hotels and attractions that once placed a high priority on foreign travellers – and priced their offering accordingly – have had to reconsider the potential of attracting local visitors instead.

This opens the door for local travellers to enjoy exclusive lodges and experiences at vastly discounted rates. You can rest-assure that these savings won’t last long once international travel’s back in full swing.

Thanks to the impact of 2020 on the travel industry, you can pick some incredible deals from domestic airlines like FlySafair, British Airways South Africa and too. When you reach your destination, you’ll find car hire at budget rates too.

Private game reserves, seaside properties, and mountainside escapes are all offering a host of discounts and added-value extras to lure local travellers too.

Due to the vagaries of modern times, most accommodation and transport providers have adjusted their cancellation policies to include the option for postponing your holiday instead. Refunds have also become more common than ever before, reducing the risk of financial loss if you have to cancel your booking.

Room service and food delivery services have become par for the course at most hotels and restaurants, making this luxury experience the norm nowadays, rather than an expensive exception.

Safety is at an all-time high

The tourism industry’s working hard to keep its clientele safe during these trying times. Thanks to months of practice regarding enforced safety protocols, you can count on stringent hygiene and safety levels wherever you travel in the country.

With protective measures both on the ground and in the air with domestic airlines such as British Airways and newcomer Lift, passenger safety is always top of mind.

Travel South Africa now

There’s never been a bad time to travel South Africa, but it’s prime time at the moment.

Local travellers might never again experience the unique opportunities at their fingertips right now. Local travel offers opportunities for immense enjoyment, affordable breaks and helps rebuild the economy.

It’s a win-win situation that every avid traveller should embrace while they can.

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