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Zimbabwe - safari destination of 2020!

Carrying over from last year's growth in popularity as a safari destination, Zimbabwe has proven popular again in 2019. In fact, safari-goers voted Zimbabwe as their favourite country for safari travel in a recent study. Overall though, the same study revealed that Botswana firmly entrenched itself as Africa's leading country for safaris in 2019. It has been crowned the best African country for safari travel overall. This is based on an exhaustive study of more than 4,000 expert and safari-goer reviews.
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The competition for the best African safari country was made possible via a study carried out by, an online marketplace for African safari tours, After the results of more than 4,000 reviews (written by both safari-goers and African travel experts) were examined, it became clear Zimbabwe had claimed the number-one spot for safari-goers. It also muscled out the other safari countries to claim the bush vibe value category for the same group of travelers.

Awash with a stunning variety of landscapes and wildlife, Zimbabwe is designed for people who love nature and the outdoors. It would be wonderful for lovers of wildlife-watching to see Zimbabwe make its mark back on the safari circuit in southern Africa again, where it rightfully belongs.

Political stability and improvements to the economy are the keys to Zimbabwe’s fortune turning around and the country is being closely watched by safari-goers with the more intrepid already back exploring its wild beauty.

A deeper look at our study revealed Tanzania as the best country overall for scenic value, while Botswana firmed up its hold on the number one safari country overall, taking out the number one spot in the Wildlife, Bush and Birding categories.

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