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The cost of coding errors

Human error is the cause of most coding errors, which can affect product quality and reputational damage for brands. They also cost money in terms of packaging or labelling waste, reworking time and may even result in regulation fines. Correct coding is important for ensuring the supply chain operates efficiently and providing retailers and customers with important product information.
The cost of coding errors

Because of this, manufacturers need solutions for removing operator errors from creeping into production lines, reducing wastage, and minimising brands’ reputational damage because of recalled products, among other things.

To do this, Pyrotec PackMark offers CoLOS® software applications from Markem-Image that are engineered to complement its coding equipment. "CoLOS® software allows our customers to integrate equipment networks throughout the production line into one central system. By standardising data input, human error is reduced. This saves time, improves production flow, and drastically reduces long-term costs," explains Brandon Pearce, Pyrotec PackMark’s General Manager.

"CoLOS® consists of a number of software options to meet every end-of-line production requirement. These include options for packaging coding, message design, the management of complex labels and codes, and the ability to operate multiple printers from one platform," Pearce adds.

What’s more, CoLOS® provides real-time data about production processes by linking production plans to individual printers on the line. It also monitors the productivity and efficiency of each machine, and automates the selection of data for printing, reducing the need for human intervention. In turn, this reduces the risk of operator errors and provides accurate performance reports.

CoLOS® Enterprise 5.0 software offers many benefits to manufacturers that include:

Message design

Complex message and label creation from a user-friendly interface on an office PC away from the production floor.

Central data management

Central management of a unique base of messages and labels. By linking to the CoLOS® Enterprise database, customers can retrieve all production batches. The CoLOS® Repository maintains and archives label templates.

Secured production batch start-up

A secured selection of data for printing reduces human input and automates tasks. Printers can be coordinated by group when starting production batches.

Seamless integration

CoLOS® Enterprise ensures easy connection to an existing database via standard Open DataBase Connectivity (ODBC) interface, while optional Open Protocol Connectivity (OPC) support helps users to integrate production control systems (3rd party software). Scanners, camera’s check weighers and Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) can be connected to CoLOS® via Pyrotec PackMark’s software.

Track and trace

Tracking and tracing products throughout the supply chain is achieved by integrating barcode scanners and human-readable text cameras via Pyrotec PackMark’s PackLink software.

"There are many ways to create an efficient production line and operate an almost error-free end-of-line manufacturing environment. Our seamless integration system from CoLOS® Enterprise is an ideal option for diverse industries and it supports all production control systems," Brandon concludes.

About Pyrotec

Pyrotec is a privately owned South African company that specialises in providing innovative, top-quality product identification solutions. The company’s extensive service offering includes on-pack product identification solutions – including self-adhesive label systems, coding and labelling equipment – as well as financing, and cloud-based brand protection, track and trace and consumer engagement services. Founded on a dedication to quality, operational reliability and excellent service, the Cape Town-based company has a national footprint with centres in major cities across the country. With more than 50 years’ experience, Pyrotec has two brands operating under its ambit: Pyrotec PackMedia, which includes Pyrotec PackVerifi; and Pyrotec PackMark, including Pyrotec Finance. This proudly independent company is headed up by managing director, Rowan Beattie.

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Pyrotec is a proudly South African company with its focus aimed firmly on the future. Its five brands - Pyrotec PackMark, Pyrotec PackMedia, Pyrotec PackLink, Pyrotec PackWorx and Pyrotec Finance - make this an industry-leading company that specialises in a comprehensive range of coding and labelling equipment, on-pack informational and promotional devices, merchandising solutions, development and manufacturing of automated systems for the packaging and manufacturing industry and making finance options available to customers. Pyrotec's software offering ensures product integrity, optimises coding activities, and helps secure centralised data management systems and label tracking systems.

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