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Introducing Brighter Business by Sun Exchange

We're delighted to share that Sun Exchange is launching its new Brighter Business initiative today.
Introducing Brighter Business by Sun Exchange

Over the last seven years, we’ve built a global community of more than 40,000 individuals across 180 countries using our platform to drive energy transformation and earn with purpose.

While people-powered solar remains core to our business, we’re now expanding our community into the business world. Brighter Business is an initiative to inspire the private sector to take action addressing the energy and climate crises by driving and supporting adoption of solar power.

Did you know that if the top 10 South African companies invested just 1% of their profits into supplying solar power with battery backup for schools, by 2025, every school in South Africa could be solar powered and protected from ongoing and frequent outages? This would alleviate significant strain on the grid, eliminate outage-related disruptions to children’s education and set a powerful example for the country’s future leaders.

Increasingly, Sun Exchange is partnering with companies that recognise the opportunity goes beyond installing solar power on their own roofs. These sustainability-minded businesses are using our platform to buy into solar projects, making a positive impact while generating an alternative income stream.

However, Brighter Business is about much more than Sun Exchange.

The goal of Brighter Business is to unite business leaders, foster conversation about the private sector’s role and immense potential to tackle the energy and climate crises, and most importantly, catalyse action. The focus of the initiative will be on network building, knowledge sharing, events and promoting collaboration across industries.

Introducing Brighter Business by Sun Exchange

As the global COP27 climate conference takes place in Egypt, we’re launching Brighter Business by hand-delivering a powerful call to action to the top business leaders across South Africa. This message will also be promoted across major South African digital platforms, social channels and at Sun Exchange-hosted events.

If your company would like to learn more about Brighter Business, email moc.egnahcxenus@ssenisubrethgirb or visit Spread the word to other business leaders by sharing this blog post and take part in the conversation by following Sun Exchange on Twitter and LinkedIn and using the hashtag #BrighterBusiness.

Since 2015, Sun Exchange has enabled solar power for more than 69 businesses, farms, schools and other organisations in Southern Africa. Its solar projects have generated more than 14 gigawatt-hours of clean energy, avoiding more than 15,000 tonnes of carbon emissions. Individuals and businesses from 180 countries across the world use the Sun Exchange platform to buy and own solar cells, produce clean electricity and earn with purpose. The Sun Exchange vision is a world where all people and organisations can harness affordable clean energy to ensure a healthy planet for future generations.

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Sun Exchange enables people and businesses all over the world to earn while making a positive impact. With Sun Exchange, anyone can easily buy solar cells that power businesses, schools, farms and other organisations in sunny emerging markets, and earn solar-powered income from the clean electricity that's generated.
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