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Freedom Won: The game-changers in energy storage solutions

Ever imagined a time where you or your business were never affected by loadshedding or a power outage? Freedom Won offers lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) energy storage solutions in an integrated, compact and stylish wall unit for residential, business and industrial use to protect against loadshedding and outages. It is also used in integration with solar panels to reduce or eliminate utility power usage. Lithium iron phosphate is the safest most cost-effective form of lithium battery available. Freedom Won offers next-generation energy storage with increase in service life and operational efficiency at a fraction of the life cycle cost compared to other energy storage types.
The Freedom Won LiTE range includes The Freedom Won LiTE Home, Business, Commercial and the Industrial range. All which are manufactured and assembled in South Africa. All models are integrated with the necessary battery management system (BMS) and control circuitry to protect the pack and interface with the separately supplied external inverter/charge units.

Although you may have to dig deeper into your pocket to be part of this new wave of highly efficient technology, the LiFePO4 battery is more than compensated for by longer life. The life cycle economics for Freedom Won LiTE batteries is already extremely robust and surpasses any other battery technology at the current prices.

The benefits of plugging into this Freedom Won revolution are:
  • The lifecycle cost of LiFePO4 is a quarter of lead-acid.
  • High efficiency between charging and discharging.
  • LifePO4 batteries save up to 70% in space and 70% in weight compared to lead-acid alternatives.
  • The batteries supplied by Freedom Won are available in various sizes.

About Freedom Won

Freedom Won, was founded in 2011 by Lizette Kriel who heads up operations, HR and brand strategy and Antony English who engineers all things technical, product and systems design and support. Freedom Won offers long-overdue next-generation energy storage with a quantum increase in service life and operational efficiency at a fraction of the lifecycle cost compared to other energy storage options. We have both Africa’s unique power challenges covered, as well as the world over, with our leading range of superior LiTe batteries (LiFePO4 – lithium iron phosphate). Freedom Won’s Lite battery solutions are fast becoming the preferred choice as the huge advantages of using this technology become apparent via our LiTe batteries, installed within both the residential and business environments.

Plug into the current future with Freedom Won!

Visit our website to learn more about Freedom Won’s efficient and long life lithium battery that can be used as an alternative or off grid:

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Freedom Won's press office

Freedom Won South African energy storage solutions company, Freedom Won PTY Ltd, has Africa's unique power challenges covered with our leading range of superior lithium phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries.