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Want your cause on a Guerrilla site?

Guerrilla IMC's recent ANTI LITTER CAMPAIGN message has been a huge success; and in success we mean the message has reached thousands of South Africans and thanks to the viral properties of the internet, many like-minded internationals too.
All thanks to an unsold billboard we used in the Cresta Area asking a question: "Why are you littering?" The message was picked up by various members of the public and shared on the internet, resulting in the spread of the message like wildfire and eventually ending up being used at a globally-linked music festival called "Earthdance".

We would like to extend our vision to the Media Industry.

Do you have a "Message"?
Do you have a cause you feel strongly enough about?
Do you want to "shout it from the roof tops" or "plaster it on a billboard"...

Well, if you have the idea, we have the platform.

We at Guerrilla IMC would like to offer "Our Partners" in the industry the opportunity to share their message on a big scale... using some of our unsold inventory we would be able to share your message with the world.

If you are interested in taking up this opportunity submit your ideas to .

Guerrilla IMC's press office

Guerrilla IMC
Guerrilla IMC specialises in Out-of-Home Media platforms. Over the last 4 years the company has evolved into a media space innovator with a niche and ever growing outdoor holding.