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Branding walls and creating floor to ceiling artworks with Canvex

Canvex customised wall canvas transforms interior walls into branding statements, billboards, huge artworks or creative backdrops.
Already a firm favourite for designers, Canvex is ideal for your office, hotels, retail stores, restaurants and homes. Transform any design or image into wall fabric that won’t shrink or move with weather change.

Quick and easy to install, Canvex by Expand a Sign is robust, long-lasting, and made from non-toxic ink and recyclable materials and locally produced. No weathering, no waste, just intensive colour and detail wherever you want it, whenever you need it.

It is available in a width of 1.8m and can be as long as your space requires. It can also be relocated if you move.

Bridget Ward of Accelerated Education Enterprises says, “The Canvex murals have added an innovative solution to our in office branding. We really like the fact that the product can be custom sized, enabling us to brand wall to floor in any area.”

If you’re ready create your own canvas wallpaper for corporate or residential use, visit or call 0860 744 688.

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