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Cadburys Martian's abducting ATM screens across South Africa

Cadbury's (Mondelez) Martian campaign has landed in South Africa in the last few weeks and it's everywhere. All the usual above-the-line media platforms have been effectively utilised to give this campaign massive awareness and reach, but it's an ‘out-of-this-world' platform that's targeting consumers right at the point of purchase.

ATM Media from Guerrilla IMC has been used to give the campaign a highly unexpected, yet tactical degree of relevance. As consumers use ATMs at Engen Forecourts (the only place to get a Martian Figurine) they’ve encounted these creatures right in the middle of their transaction process. And nowhere is a consumer more alert and focused then when using an ATM!

Simon Allenberg, ATM Media’s product lead at Guerrilla IMC, commented: “Cadburys wanted an innovative and eye-catching presence at all Engen locations nationwide. Our ATM Forecourt holding fitted the brief perfectly and we actually extended the reach to include ATM screens within a 3km radius of Cadbury’s Milk Chocolate retail locations.”

Guerrilla IMC has partnered with the leading ATM providers to bring this innovative new marketing platform to life.

Aside from geo-fencing selected areas using propriety location-based technology, advertisers can also segment by LSM, income level, language and choose to target specific types of locations such as petrol stations, retailers, shopping malls, bars, hospitals and clinics, etc.

Also new for out-of-home is the ability to provide measurement, such as number of people who viewed or used the ATM during the campaign period.

Cadburys (Mondelez) are the latest blue-chip brand who have identified ATM Media as a unique, measurable and highly effective communication platform. Nando’s, Uber and Pizza Hut have all recently run campaigns on ATM Media with several new clients lined up for the rest of the 2017/18.

For more information about ATM Media and Guerrilla IMC, get in touch with Simon Allenberg at az.oc.cmi-allirreug@nomis or 082 463 0599.

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