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Guerrilla launches ATM Media with innovative location segmenting and targeting

Guerrilla IMC, a leading mega-format outdoor media owner, has been working hard over the past months on an innovative relaunch of an ATM media solution for advertisers.
Simon Allenburg, Advance Assault Sergeant, who is championing the product at Guerrilla, comments: “Although ATM media was released into the market a number of years ago, a lack of an innovative approach in changing market conditions saw it fizzle out. The solution is now more targeted, more flexible and more effective for advertisers."

Guerrilla is employing some cutting-edge technology and techniques to allow advertisers to target by “geofence”, i.e. using technology that plots locations and a predetermined radius (e.g. 1km) around that location, it then cross-references ATM locations within the geofences allowing the brand to be able to communicate in close proximity to their own store locations or competitor locations, around relevant retailers or other contextual areas whilst minimising wastage and getting the most bang out of the communication.

Out-of-home media is always planned on a locational basis but this technology and approach takes it to the next level allowing more precise targeting and more strategic communication for brands.

Aside from geofencing, advertisers can also segment by LSM, race, income level, language and choose to target types of location, e.g. petrol stations only.

Also new for out-of-home is the ability to provide measurement, such as number of people who viewed or used the ATM during the campaign period.

Mathew Palmer, Director Advance Assault Ops, adds: “With the amazing targeting and segmenting, over 5,000 ATMs across the nation, and at least 15 seconds of undivided attention at point of sale, we believe ATM Media will tick the boxes for brands big and small across the industry.”

For more information regarding ATM Media contact Simon Allenberg – / 082 463 0599 / 011 021 8245.

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