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Traveller, explorer, conqueror

Working with different people with great personalities and learning from them is one of the things Zinhle Khoza, admin and events coordinator for the travel, tourism and creative industries portfolio at RX Africa, loves about her job. And, let's not forget about the travelling. "I love travelling and my job allows me and my team to explore other places and create phenomenal memories".
Zinhle Khoza
Zinhle Khoza

Zinhle’s career highlights include working alongside RX Africa’s MD Carol Weaving, and being led and mentored by diverse women. “It is the most inspiring thing to be able to learn from everyone, and to model my career after theirs,” she says.

She adds: “Growing up, I’d always imagined being led by a woman - the universe answered. When applied in the corporate world, the nurturing spirit women are known for becomes ‘unite and conquer’ - and that’s a recipe for success,” Zinhle says.

Looking back at her career at RX Africa, two vital learnings for Zinhle have stood out - planning and prioritising. “I have grown to learn that when you fail to properly plan then you definitely plan to fail. This simple skill has helped me to a great extent, and I’ve saved time and increased productivity”.

It has also helped her to adapt as the exhibition landscape changes in response to the pandemic. “When a 2020 show which took my team a year to organise had to be cancelled due to Covid-19. That almost broke our spirits. However, with the resilience we learn at RX Africa, we managed to bounce back.”

Women's Month

Anyone who knows Zinhle will agree that it’s not just resilience that has made her a rising star within her team. Zinhle embodies positivity. Noting female leaders that Zinhle admires this Women’s Month, she says: “There are quite a lot, but to name one it would definitely be Oprah Winfrey. Through her books I’ve read and her outstanding service. She’s motivated by gratitude for both good and bad life experiences. She is a humble person and I love her for that, because it resonates with my values and beliefs to always be grateful and thankful for everything.”

In the next year, Zinhle would like to move into a management role; continue to learn and grow career wise – and ticking off all the things that have been paused by the pandemic from her 2020-2021 bucket list.

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