Why digital marketing sets women in business apart

In South Africa, despite a move towards gender equality there is still a huge disparity between men and women in the workplace. However, the way in which this gap can be crossed is by using digital marketing.

The gender gap

The report released by the World Economic Forum in 2018 – entitled Global Gender Equality – paints a two-sided picture of gender equality in South Africa. On the one hand, it ranks SA 19th out of 149 countries in terms of gender equality. However, when it comes to looking at the rate at which women are paid versus men, a very different picture is seen. The WEF found that women, doing similar work as men, are – for the most part – not paid equally. In fact, the body ranks SA 117 out of the 149 countries. This difference in remuneration is even more shameful given that South Africa’s labour legislation requires that people doing the same or similar work – no matter what gender they are – to earn equally.

A competitive advantage

Given this disadvantage that women are facing, they need to work twice as hard in order to succeed in business. Women need a competitive advantage that will allow them to take their careers and their businesses to the next level despite the challenges that they may face.

This competitive advantage that is at women’s disposal is digital marketing.

“By the end of this year,” says Lisa Schneider: managing director at the Digital School of Marketing,” global retail e-commerce sales are predicted to have reached US$3.45 trillion (which is more or less R53 trillion). By 2040, approximately 95% of all purchases will be conducted online.”

This means that organisations will need to adapt their ways of doing business in order to respond to the consumers’ want to do business online. There will still be a market for face-to-face retail and service delivery, however companies cannot only choose to have an offline presence. They need to have an online presence in order for their companies to succeed.

“To make online commerce succeed, a thorough knowledge of digital marketing is essential,” says Schneider. “While digital marketing does definitely include the tried and trusted principles of traditional marketing, marketers will need to re-orientate their mindsets to see how they can apply these principles to a digital forum.”

Women are just as capable as men are in business. Unfortunately, they are still suffering from certain inequalities that are inherent in society. A thorough knowledge of digital marketing will help them to take their businesses and careers to the next level.

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