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IndaHash tool provides brands with valuable influencer insights

  • IndaHash South Africa develops research and insights tool for social media influencers
  • IndaHash Influencer Insights solution helps brands unlock data and insights from individuals influencing their markets and consumers
  • IndaHash, a global technology influencer platform with an extensive user base, has developed a tool that gleans data from market-leading influencers and provides relevant insights into consumers, markets and market trends. The solution allows brands to find the answers to their most burning questions from the world’s most influential people.

    “This solution offers a valuable opportunity to South African brands, giving them the tools, they need to easily tap into the minds of the individuals influencing the everyday consumer,” explains Federico Dedeu, Vice President, indaHash Middle East and Africa. “It offers specific insights about the hard to reach consumers who are primarily on digital and social platforms. It is a window into what consumers consider to be the hot and happening trends and gives brands the perfect opportunity to jump on board and connect with customers in an authentic and relevant way.”

    Using the insights gathered from leading influencers from across Africa and the globe, brands can use the information to fine tune product launches, messaging, platform preferences, and so much more. The indaHash Influencer Insights tool is designed to identify specific shopper behaviour, analyse competitor behaviour, and provide market-specific intelligence – every aspect tailored to specific customer requirements. Through this survey-based research brands gain a stronger understanding of what makes their target markets tick and can use the learnings to adapt their business and brand approaches.

    “The indaHash Influencer Insights solution uses a market specific online panel of registered and vetted social media influencers,” says Dedeu. “It provides insights from social media influencers who are often the trend settings and trend spotters and who are listened to by thousands of consumers. We use the influencers that are most aligned to your brand and ask questions in various formats to ensure optimal responses.”

    The panel selection process is targeted and precisely defined in accordance with brand requirements and goals, and multiple surveys can be run from the same brand panel. Data from the survey is analysed and the insights submitted in the form of accessible and easily understood reports.

    “With the insights gathered from the panels and surveys, brands can see what topics are of interest to the consumer, what type of content is primarily created by the influencer, which brands are considered leaders in their field, and even establish what they are doing right,” concludes Dedeu. “It’s a flexible and accessible tool that delivers an insightful and in-depth view of the market, the brand, the consumer and the influencers.”

    The indaHash Influencer Insights solution can provide brands with insights in less than a month, dependent on questions and number of respondents, and can be fine-tuned to meet very specific brand guidelines and specifications. It’s cost-effective, data-rich and relevant, offering highly targeted insights that can refine brand approaches and strategic marketing initiatives.

    About indaHash

    indaHash - is an international technology platform that automates content marketing campaigns with digital influencers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. It was launched at the beginning of 2016. Since then, the platform has been used to execute over 1600 campaigns in EU, MENA, USA, South Africa, APAC (in total, over 75 markets) for brands such as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, P&G, or L’Oreal. The app has over 700,000 registered digital influencers.

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    indaHash indaHash is an influencer marketing company which has developed one of the most powerful influencer CRM and marketing platforms used by some of the world's largest brands and agencies.