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5 easy ways to kickstart (or restart) a healthier 2019

The New Year isn't so new anymore. We're well into 2019 and this time of year the resolutions are usually getting kicked to the curb at an increasing (and alarming!) rate.

Here at Old Mutual iWYZE, we’re always looking for new ways to help our members stay strong and live their happiest, healthiest lives possible. In this article we share some easy, yet effective ways to kick-start, or restart, your momentum for a healthier 2019!

1. Think small

The two biggest factors that contribute to your health and wellbeing are diet and exercise. We’ll get to diet shortly, but when it comes to exercise it’s an often-made mistake to go into a full-blown exercise regime straight off the bat. Going from couch potato to gym bunny five times a week is not sustainable, and most people are so overwhelmed they give up.

Start small... as long you start. Take the stairs, park further away, get up and move around every once in a while at work or hit the gym once or twice a week. By just starting, you will foster sustainable movement habits that will grow into more strenuous exercise patterns over time.

2. Your health needs to be a priority

We live in stressful times. Eating healthily, staying active and maintaining a good work/life balance often takes second place to the high expectations placed on us by our jobs, families and social circles. Your health however, forms the base of your ability to meet these demands. Make sure you take the necessary time to plan your diet and exercise efforts to maintain a healthy body and mind in order to perform at your peak. While you’re at it, don’t forget to allow for some “me-time” as well to keep your mental health in shape.

3. Celebrate the small things

Another symptom of the busy lives we lead, is the fact that we are constantly working towards new targets and goals in both our professional and private lives. The goal posts are moved so often that we tend to skip over the hills we have already conquered and focus only on the mountains that still lie ahead. Break your big goals into smaller objectives, and celebrate your milestones. This will help you to stay charged up to tackle the next thing.

4. Catch those zzz’s

Sleep is usually the first thing we give up when there’s demands to be met. Research has proven time and time again that sleeping too little negatively impacts our ability to perform in every other aspect of our lives. Make sleep a priority this year, you’ll notice the difference!

5. Build relationships

People depend on other people for happiness. Science has proven that good friendship and relationships make us happier. Make your relationships a priority this year – the more you talk, laugh, share and even cry with those closest to you, the happier your 2019 will be.


Getting your 2019 back on track is important, but planning ahead for the future is crucial too. One way to ensure peace of mind and a happier future, is knowing that those closest to us will be taken care off after we’re no longer there to do it ourselves. Old Mutual iWYZE Life Insurance is trusted by South Africans from all walks of life to future-proof the financial futures of their families. Get an online life insurance quote in less than 60 seconds and enjoy a lifetime’s worth of peace of mind.


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