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Baygon incorporated the Red Cherry Interactive TV Platforms into the October TV Campaign

The existing commercial was "top'ed/ tail'ed" with an extra 10" of Interactive airtime at no extra cost. The commercial generated 11 765 calls from ADS UP on MNet & WOT'Z UP on eTV.
"The spot that generated the most call volumes was the Wrestling on eTV at 5pm on a Sunday. There were close to 2 000 calls received from this flighting alone.

Over 1 300 of the calls received occurred when there were no flightings at all - Noting, Noting, Noting!

Red Cherry supplied a R20 000 cash prize per station as added value, which (as seen from the call volumes) is definitely aspirational!

Baygon had a fantastic sample base to generate research, all as added value to them."

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