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    Frame your greatest design ideas: How Maps Maponyane transformed his living space with the Samsung Frame TV

    The Frame TV, which is a part of Samsung's 2020 Lifestyle category, is elevating living spaces in a way few TVs can. It combines innovative design with stunning QLED picture quality and Smart TV features to deliver a seamless intuitive TV journey. Popular presenter and entrepreneur Maps Maponyane recently gave his view of the elegant 4K UHD Smart TV that transforms into a gallery-like art display.
    Frame your greatest design ideas: How Maps Maponyane transformed his living space with the Samsung Frame TV

    “I want my home to be a reflection of me. After all, that is my sanctuary, away from the world. I never expected to be able to transform my living space with a TV, but The Frame gives you a premium entertainment experience combined with an aesthetically-pleasing design. As an art lover, it opens up a new world of possibility for me,” says Maponyane.

    Maponyane’s personal tastes span from classic to contemporary African art. Fortunately, The Frame TV comes pre-loaded with artworks from world-renowned artists and 1,000 pieces of art - which are easily available from Samsung online. This creates the possibility to change the tone and mood of a living space effortlessly. Maponyane believes in a minimalist approach to décor with striking and personalised highlights. The Frame TV, therefore, perfectly adapts to the concept. Also important to Maponyane is the idea that you can choose to move away from the art theme and reflect a more personalised touch with your photos and memories, uploaded via a mobile device or USB drive.

    According to Maponyane: “We live in a world filled with inspiration, which means our tastes evolve, so I enjoy being able to go from an art gallery filled with my current favourites to appreciation of a new genre, whilst still retaining the sophistication of my living space.”

    For Maponyane, The Frame TV had to also embrace an important factor in design – the merging of form and function. Fortunately, The Frame TV has four times more pixels than Full HD for a rich, stunning viewing experience. Essentially, it’s an immersive viewing experience captured in cinematic clarity. Care has also been taken to the details like a No-Gap wall mount.

    “Every detail has been considered, I have access to a world of art or the option of displaying my own images. It’s a really great TV, with bright, rich colours, giving you the finest viewing experience in any light. My living room has been transformed and I love it,“ concluded Maponyane.

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