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Annika Larsen has a new co-anchor, and his name is Batman!

South Africa, meet Batman, the Boston terrier with a face and voice for TV.

Like many viewers by now, you may have witnessed the live home broadcast of the daily 8pm news bulletin by seasoned anchor Annika Larsen. On the first day of the anchor's remote reporting, Larsen experienced stiff competition from spotlight-stealing Batman. He barked his way into the bulletin, leaving news-watchers intrigued. This is how audiences were informally introduced to the new off-the-wall co-anchor.

19 May 2020, which marked day one of the remote bulletin, will forever be etched into the history books. The hearts of many South Africans melted as another friendly face made itself feel at home on their TV screens. The most notable difference, however, is that Batman will not be reading off of autocue. Even with that, the new-co-anchor brings charisma to news broadcasting like no other. For the duration of the nation's lockdown, the terrier is here to stay.

"I am not kidding when I tell you that Batman actually thinks he is getting ready for work. He thinks he is human and doesn't leave me for a minute. So he sits next to me and preps for the show like he should," said Larsen taking to Instagram with a post of a somewhat engaged co-anchor. welcomes Batman to the eFamily and wishes him well in learning the ropes of broadcasting news of national importance.

To see more of barking Batman, tune into every weekday Mon-Thur at 8pm.

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