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The Matt Brown Show's 'State of X' is now available on the world's fastest growing Smart TV network

Tens of millions of viewers and Roku device owners will now be able to stream The Matt Brown Show's 'State of X' series thanks to a new content deal with the world's fastest growing Smart TV network.

The Matt Brown Show’s ‘State of X’ series is now available on Roku devices around the world, thanks to a content deal the South African entrepreneur recently signed with, the world’s fastest growing Smart TV network.

According to Brent Tollman, who penned the deal on behalf of Swifti with Matt Brown, his team doesn’t compromise on hunting for premium, fresh content, even though the streaming network is growing at such a rapid pace.

“We look for authentic storytellers, innovators and emerging content makers,” says Tollman. “The Matt Brown Show’s ‘State of X’ fits the bill perfectly.”

Reaching a global audience of millions

Roku’s biggest audience is US-based millennials, whose heroes include entrepreneurs who have bootstrapped their way to success, like Sophia Amoruso and Gary Vaynerchuk (aka Gary Vee), and celebrities-turned-entrepreneurs like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Ashton Kutcher.

“Our viewership data shows that inspiring and educational content has an important role on the wide-screen TV experience,” says Tollman. “Our audiences want to immerse themselves in premium documentaries and inspiring success stories. They’re looking for mentors-on-demand. This is exactly why we believe that ‘State of X’ can play a vital role in our network.”

The Matt Brown Show has built a worldwide audience from primarily two things: Great content and even better distribution. “As the first African podcast to be available globally on Amazon Prime and now on Roku, we are thrilled to be working with on-demand TV content specialists and partners like Swifti,” says Matt Brown.

“On-demand content makes podcasting an attractive medium to consumers around the world, as everything is on their terms,” adds Brown. “The ability to publish content globally through Roku is an untapped opportunity for content producers. With over 30 million active viewers and growing, on-demand streaming services are only set to increase further. The Matt Brown Show plans to ride this trend indefinitely.”

Bringing South African insights to the world

Streaming services give content producers the ability to connect with entrepreneurs and audiences around the world.

With a strong focus on the world stage, and off the back of his #1 Amazon Best-Selling Book, Your Inner Game: 12 Principles for High-Impact Entrepreneurs, which is largely based on The Matt Brown Show, Brown’s deal with Swifti and Roku will help the South African content producers gain even greater momentum internationally.

It’s a market hungry for international content. “Streaming video audiences have a slightly different profile to conventional TV audiences,” says Tollman.

“Besides their early adopter tech tendencies, they’re also early adopters of non-US content. After binge-watching their favourite shows or the latest hyped-up blockbuster series, our audiences stream content from Spain, France, Brazil, Israel and Russia.

“It’s time the world saw more South African-based shows. It’s hardly a gamble when South Africans like Trevor Noah are already famous for their down-to-earth charm, warmth and their relentless optimism in the face of seemingly impossible challenges. Matt Brown’s unique interview style has all those qualities and we’re proud to have him on our global network.”

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