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Investigating Mugabe’s diamonds

International diamond experts have dubbed it the biggest diamond rush in history. In the midst of political and economic turmoil, Zimbabwe has recently discovered diamonds.
Peter Moyo
The discovery has provided an opportunity for those struggling to cope with high unemployment and a crippled economy to make a quick fortune. However, it is mainly corrupt officials that are illegally profiting from plundering this precious natural resource.

The World Diamond Council wants Zimbabwe investigated for flouting the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme governing trade in these gems. But instead of effectively dealing with the problem, the Zimbabwean government is accusing its critics of having hidden agendas. This despite it being unable to account for diamonds worth US$ 400m.

Third Degree Producer, Peter Moyo, spent two weeks in Zimbabwe investigating this illicit trade. He was arrested and later abducted by their Central Intelligence operatives who said he was a national security threat. The crew’s camera equipment and footage were also seized.

This is a programme the Zimbabwean government did not want you to see – an exclusive broadcast exposing damning evidence of Zimbabwe’s illegal diamond mining and smuggling.

In addition, Debora Patta and Peter Moyo trace this unlawful trade back to South Africa and reveal how Moyo managed to escape Mugabe’s media crackdown to bring you the full story.

3rd Degree, Tuesday, 24 April at 8pm, on's press office is South Africa's first private free-to-air television channel. Launched in 1998, the channel broadcasts a full-spectrum programming service to 78% of South Africa's population. is owned by black empowerment group Hosken Consolidated Investments Limited and Venfin Limited.