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A heroic day for the Sandton SPCA

6 May 2017 was international Free Comic Book Day where, all over the world comic books are handed out to visitors of local events. Sandton comic book store, Central City Comics decided to use this day to help visitors embrace their inner superheroes and raise funds for the Sandton SPCA. Global Access heard the call and joined in to help spread information and knowledge around the SPCA on the day using their interactive technology, Sensanetik.
Captain America ensuring a wolf doesn't run off with the SPCA's dog food
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The wonderful volunteers from the Sandton SPCA with the Global Access Digital Display set up for the day
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Global Access helped set up the stand for the Sandton SPCA with grass, bowls for the pets on the day to have access to water, tables and chairs as well as a custom SPCA Sensanetik display. This experiential digital signage solution allowed people the chance to pick up and hold a toy version of the animals the SPCA helps. With the content on the screen changing every time the cat or dog was lifted, visitors throughout the day learned more about how they could help the SPCA.

“Technology can connect us if used correctly. It was a privilege to use our experience, skills and solutions to create a digital display solution for the SPCA that was memorable, interactive and above all built a connection between visitors and the SPCA,“ says Ivano Stipcevich, Head of Digital Signage Networks at Global Access.

The SPCA is run purely off donations and receives no money from the government and it is days’ like this and companies like those involved at the CC Heroes day that make all the difference. The Sandton SPCA from the combined efforts of the comic book store, Global Access and all the visitors and exhibitors on the day managed to gather donations of food, money and blankets to the value of R10,000.

“There is a superhero in all of us, we just need the courage to put on the cape.” - Superman

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